We Have Peace AND Snow!

How Much Snow DO We Need?

Merry Christmas from Me & Vespi!

A Black & White Morning

Christmas Snow!!

Conquering SBD

And So Winter Begins...We Hope

Single Digit Bonfire

Frost on my Window

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down...

PPPPPPPacked Powder!!

Monday Funday!!

What a FemaleSkiBum Wants

If you weren't here, you missed it :)

...And then I took a nap.

My Big Girl Skis: Blizzard Black Pearl

Gotta Go Where There's Snow

Sneaking in a Tour

Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar

You're Snowboarding, remember?

Did I mention I love the Poma?

Winter is BACK!!

Take a Curtsey

Lift Service...An Adventure?

Farewell, Rippie

Air In the Lines at Bear!

May I Join You?


In Search of Natural Snow

Pre-Dawn Summit Ascent