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Welcome to Ski Country

I was raised by a second generation builder with the heart of a ski bum.
Conversation at the dinner table alternated between analyzing the newest ski techniques and the placement of the septic tank for dad’s newest construction project.I’m not kidding.My first hikes weren’t up mountains, but bushwhacking around undeveloped parcels of land with my father discussing the path of the sun, water drainage and the ideal placement of a possible home.Beyond the obligatory Barbie obsession, Legos were the toy of choice in my home.After the directions were tossed aside, great structures were built from the depths of my mind.Words like “planned unit development,” “kitchen triangle” and “septic system” were as much as part of my family lexicon as “edging,” “hip angulation” and “counter-rotation.”I was, without a doubt, expected to go into the family business and spend my weekends skiing.
My most favorite science fair project was a home that I designed in sixth grade.I remember my mom shaking her hea…