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The Fall Mowing Has Begun at Killington!!

What a wonderful sight this week to see the mowing begun on Snowdon.
When I took this photo on Wednesday morning, they had mowed lower and Middle Chute, Upper Bunny Buster and were in the process of weed wacking under the unloading area of the Snowdon Quad.
This morning I noticed that Skier's Right of Snowshed was complete.

Another marker of time passing up here in Killington
it's just so wonderful...
a sign that we are expecting snow to fall so very soon.

Hope you're getting your skis ready!!

Rumor Has It: Skiercross to hit Killington this Winter

Just got my Rumor Verified...

Killington will be building a sick Skier Cross course this winter :)

Looks like the 2012-2013 Season is shaping up to be Epic!!

Chittenden Reservoir: Playing Hookie on a Friday Afternoon

Sometimes, friends from London come to town... just have to play hookie and spend a gorgeous Friday afternoon with friends sitting on an island in the middle of the reservoir.

I love living where other people vacation

Killington Trail Maintenance: RamsHead

The dogs found something interesting to look at...and so did I.

The guys were up at the top of Timberline regrading the entrance for increased skier safety. Sometimes I think that if new skiers just had more Safety Meetings, maybe we wouldn't have to "adjust" what nature provided.

K-Chair ... A Glimpse into A Chair Gone By

Walking along the banks of one of Killington's numerous run-off streams, Vespi found this abandoned set of steel and cement from a chairlift gone by...

Our very own little "Planet of the Apes" moment.

Breaking Trail G to the Summit of RamsHead

We slept in a little bit this morning, so the open trails were wicked hotter than we welcomed the tall, wet grasses of Upper Swirl...the dogs, as you can see, were in way over their heads :)

Killington in the Summer: One Good Looking Mountain

Sneaking around the Canyon and for some reason actually
remembered to look up at the peak.
No need to crouch down for the angle on this shot -
the wildflowers here were just about shoulder high!

All we need now is the snow to cover it all up :)

Playing in the Roaring Brook by RamsHead

As we approach the one year anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene, I have been thinking about places that still had me wondering. So I followed the dogs into the Roaring Brook.
It was...different...but beautiful none the less.

Outer Limits: The Steepest Wildflower Garden in the East

The dogs were captivated by this group of thistles for some reason, so I too got down on all fours and checked it out. As Vespi wrestled me to the ground, I chanced a look up at the great mogul field and was just simply mesmerized.
And so I snapped the picture.

It's amazing how stunning a mountain can be, just on its own pure beauty - no skiing required.

First Compressor of the 2012-2013 Season Has Arrived!!

Nothing can beat the excitement of coming around the corner to see this significant marker of time marching toward winter: the Air Compressor!! I was unsucessful at capturing the pure joy that I felt at seeing this machine, out early to check the well worn pipes on RamsHead.

Best of Luck to all the Snowmakers out there this winter!
We Love You Guys!!

E Trail up Escapade

Vespi was having such a wonderful day as we made our way up E Trail.
I must say, I really prefer the reroute of the trail up Escapde and away from the view of passengers on the K1 :)

Snowdon Triple waiting to be Useful

In the way down one morning, we came around from a new angle and I noticed this great shot of the mountains just behind the hovering Snowdon Triple. With many of the chairs down for their annual maintenance, these two chairs talking too each other seemed almost...well, everything just lined up right :)

Excavators on Skye Lark-High Road Fork

There have bene a pair of excavators at the top of lower Skye Lark for a few days, chipping away at the mound of rock on skier's right as you head down High Road. The idea is to make this intersection safer for the generic Killington traffic.

Getting Ready for Tree Skiing at Killington

Looking out over the Killington Valley just as we're about to dive into the woods onto Bike Trail 6 - With a nice cool breeze and temps in the low 60s, it was a perfect day to go on an explorative trail run in the woods :)

Waiting for Krom's Roar from the Killington Snowmaking

The view from middle Superstar looking across toward RamsHead...
in desperation for winter to begin and the snowguns to start!

In Search of Cement Trucks on Killington: A Trail to Bear Mountain

As we ran across Skye Burst, we could hear the loud bleeps of big truck brakes making the turn at the top of Bear Mountain. As we looked up through the trees, we could see the blue and white of the big cement truck coming down from working on the Peak Lodge. I snatched this photo just as Coopie was lookinng outward from the woods across the trail and up at the work road.

Looking Down at the Killington Valley

An early morning hike up RamsHead with a Ski Sister
...and our Gaggle of Goldens :)

I'd Rather Be Lost in the Woods...Than Found in the City

I'd Rather Be Lost in the Woods...
...Than Found in the City

It's Cooler at the Summit...of Skye Peak

Enjoying some Mommy & Vespi time in the cool breeze at the summit of Skye Peak

Mother Nature means Modern Technology

The Big Fan Gun on Mouse Trap
looking outward toward the mountains

It's Starting to Turn Brown & Crispy!!

Looking Down middle Skye Lark
from Trail E up Skye Peak