Thursday, November 14, 2013

Going Through the Motions: Just Put Your Skis On!!

I pull my ski socks up as high and smooth as they can go over my long-johns
and reach over to grab my ski pants.
Nah, not those ones.
I want the black ones.

Next, I grab whatever jacket is within reach
(my black Mammut puffy)
and kinda reluctantly throw everything else onto the bench.

All my black stuff.
Too bad it wasn't sunny enough for my blackout lens.

Damn it.

I don't really want to go.
You know,
To the mountain.
To go skiing.

I've tried everything to get out of it.

Vespi & I drove to Pico to see if we could skin from the bottom,
But i ripped my skins yesterday and had no desire to repeat the experience.

I hiked Ramshead with Vespi.

I ate the leftover chili
for no reason
other than i needed something else to do besides ski.

I contemplated the whiskey,
But I had to work this afternoon and I am a dork.
I vacuumed the house.
That's when I knew I really just needed to get my stupid ass out there and go.

Cause the skiing is actually pretty damn good.

I don't really want to go.
You know,
To the mountain.
To go skiing.

And then I am reminded of an interview I gave for Ski the East as the first in Allison Brew Kozar's super awesome Chasing Ponytails Series.

“If you’re ever stressed out,
if you can’t sleep,
or if life is confusing you
just put your skis on
and everything will be fine
and you won't worry about stuff..."

So I buckled up my boots,
threw my ski gear in the car,
Pulled my goggles down over my tear stained cheeks,
And went to the mountain.
To go skiing.
Damn it.

Because then,
at least for a little while,
Everything was...
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You
Love, Merisa