PPPPPPPacked Powder!!

After two months of torture from Mother Nature, winter finally lasts more than a week for us in Killington!!

For the past weeks, while it would snow or at least be cold enough to make snow on Thursday and Friday...

By Wednesday afternoon, trails we had skied the previous weekend would be completely devoid of any snow what so ever.

But not this week!!

This week we would be skiing man-made packed powder conditions on the Superstar Headwall, Bunny Buster, Mouse Run, Bittersweet and that gluttoneous section of trail that is Middle Superstar. It was that soft snow that is brushed silky - way too soft to be packed powder - just so perfectly grippable while looking and feeling like it might break into thick unskiable chunks any moment now...

And a sick combination of snirt and frozen granular powder wanna-be on the sides of the popular and most traditional trails on the Northside - where all those middle trail skiers push it :)


And I love getting in a few laps on Snowshed at least once a month to get in some much needed critical thought and a few specifically chosen yet
slightly deranged and repitious physical exercises.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,