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27 February 2011

First Run Freshies - the first of many many more...

What a beautiful day...cloudy with constant snowfall

Finding a little solitude at the end of a busy week... heading deep into the woods... the hibernator tree...

...where peace and quiet reign...

25 February 2011


Axes & Firearms

With frozen granular President's Week conditions at the mountain and crystal clear bluebird skies overhead, we packed up the car and headed to the local crag.  While there was half the ice of last week, the pillar we climbed was pretty damn solid :)  For the first time, my arms were not completely pumped!  Thanks to some last minute advice from Aaron, I started to find my inner gremlin and how to move into my triangle, rather than hanging from my ice axes - which means easier climbing - and more of it!!

Just because you don't have double boots, doesn't mean you can't climb!  Ski Boots work, kinda...

Trying to Get My Elbows Down, and My Toes Up...

22 February 2011

Wow! What a beautiful day on the hill! Started out with thinly groomed,cold snow in the Glaedsand the Canyon, then moved on to Skye Peak via Upper Skyewalker with my Hopefuls. What a great trail, blocked from the wind by alpine zone like evergreens and beautiful vista from a unique angle. Thanks to the curiosity of a seven year old, who will be eight on Saturday, I got the pleasure of experiencing a trail that I had for some reason, failed to experience thus far.
But the afternoon reigned supreme! As we exited the coaches' locker room, the entire Hopeful Program was working on this jump in front of the club. you had variation from straight to alley oops to even a few attempts at the 360, so close, yet just put of reach today. It was a great impromptu "rail jam" session for the parents :) but then it was off to the real terrain park, where we sessioned boxes for TWO HOURS! I couldn't believe that 5 to 8 year olds would be willing to hike for boxes for that long, but …

18 February 2011

I'm sorry, but while the skiing was wonderful, the amount of snow that we lost over the past few days has just been too depressing to take photographs of. My front lawn, which is extremely windblown, has grass shown, not only in the tree wells but on the main parts of the lawn as well! The lawn chairs on my mom's deck used to be filled with snow above the arm rests, and they are now completely free of the white stuff :( It is definitely looking like the first hints of mud-season are upon us...Vespi is even starting to shed her winter coat! Thankfully, it looks although the snow will be returning as soon as tomorrow!

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

17 February 2011

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could ski all the way from the sky to the bottom?  I wanna do that. -Jack, Killington Hopefuls

It's a sign of the times...fifty degree weather makes for great pictures of puddles in the frost heaves...

16 February 2011

It's Harder than You Think to Ski with a Bottle of Champagne :)

13 February 2011

Bringing another ski sister into the fold  :)

12 February 2011


10 February 2011

This is a Magical Place. -Jack, Killington Hopefuls
After skinning up to the Club this morning, I spent the afternoon with my 5 year old Hopeful Friend Jack, checking out the groomers in the Glades and even venturing onto Lower East Fall and Skye Lark.  But inbetween, we spent most our time in the most magical places that Killington has to offer...

And then I got on the Bus to head home...and found out that I was already there!

9 February 2011

While the trail system was mildly windblown and slightly heavy on our dear South Ridge, the woods there were just so light and fluffy - and there weren't any exposed rocks in the Falls Brook Woods Area.  Northbrook was more of the same, except that the traffic had made for more packed down tracks.  But the real magic today was the Northside, where the winds had died down, the sun was out and the woods were fluffy.  Just amazed every run at how wonderful the conditions are!!

The snow is getting deeper and the branches are weighed down by all the snow - making for some very low clearance in the woods...telemarkers should be super stoked!!

Only slightly sketchy and windpacked in some areas...nothing that being light on your feet couldn't make up for, but slightly ski separating none the less. 
My Cathedral.

8 February 2011

Just another Snowy Day here at Killington
What started out with another snowy day in Killington, but it turned into one of the most amazing of the winter.  We went from skiing loosely groomed powder on the main trails, with fluff everywhere to pristine woods where your tracks were filled in from just the run before  :)  The winds were howling and the snow was falling, making for yet another wonderful day of powder skiing here at Killington!  We are being soooo spoiled this winter :)