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Day One: The Killington Ski Family Reunited!

Opening Day means so many different things to so many different people.

For more than 95% of the world's population, it is a day that means absolutely nothing, just another day where they continue on with their lives in a kind of sad, lost in the doldrums of life kind of way.  A day just like any other, except they can groan about the coming winter season as they see clips on the news and images in their feeds that make them miserable.  A day that reminds them that the harshness of winter, a season that prohibits them from going outdoors and has them complaining about being late to work because they had to scrape snow off their car.  These are the people that get S.A.D. and end up binge watching way too many shows on Netflix to mask the miserableness of their life.

Honestly, I struggle to understand these anti-winter, anti-snow, anti-skiing people.
I have tried.

I spent many years in the real world, away from the joys of opening day, fighting to find people like me.  People who be…