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Fish Creek Pond Loop: 3 Days, 6 Portages & 8 Ponds

We unloaded our boats at the launching area just as the sun was beginning to set. A cool breeze swept toward us across the lake and a chorus of loons, singing in harmony marked the passing of the day. This trip was gonna be something. We could just feel it. We paddled down the lake, tying to find a secluded spot amidst what we were surprised actually had four other groups of people. Just a small yellow marker and a fire ring of stones designates the wildeerness camping site, with just enough reflective to blind you. But we settled in fairly quickly, on the adirondack standard: a bed of pine needles with the occassional tree root if you weren't paying close enough attention when picking your spot. The next day was a little heavy on the portages - especially since we had willingly left the wheels at home. Totally do-able, but extremely exhausting especially with the temperatures rising into the eighties. But we paddled on, even walking an extra canoe carry just to check out the…

Acadia National Park: Paddling Mt. Desert Island, Acadian Style

Everyone deserves a vacation.

Even those of us who live in a vacationland. Ten years ago, the boyfriend took me to Acadia National Park.
It was our first hiking trip together.
Now we are vacationing here again.
Mount Desert Island and the Atlantic Ocean are still the same as they were when Rockefeller finished all of his amazing feats of trail engineering.
A journey back in time, if you will, when the joy of exploring the mountains was new and exciting and something that ladies did in high heels. We did it barefoot
Barefoot amongst Blueberries.

now that i wrote that down, it sounds really dorky.
oh well. Small ponds and large lakes lay nestled just off shore of the mighty ocean, picking up the coastal winds and knocking my little canoe around with ease. Our first paddle on Long Lake (the bigger one) ended up being a hardcore battle with whitecapped waters. I got spun around more than a few times on our way back to the boat launch. A very different experience than the jovial st…