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1974 Nature Trail Guide

While digging through some old boxes of stuff, my dad found the 1974 Killington Summer Brochure!!

The cover shows the summit nature trail, an interpretive walk now known as Trail J, which loops around the peak from the top of the Ole K Chair...

I have always wondered what the random numbers mean which have lined the trail for as long as I can remember. Now we know! Next time I go up, I will have to look for the Nibbled Branches marked by the #5...On another note, I wonder how nasty the trail looked littered in polaroid film backing :)

Check out this great map of the Killington Ski Area from 1974...note the original K Chair and 3-Stage Gondola...and the absence of Bear Mountain, Sunrise, the South Ridge & Canyon Areas.

and just think...all this cool mountain air - including great fishing in the 7 acre Snowshed Pond - could have been yours for only $8 a night, per person double occupancy. Ten Dollars if you want a fireplace and kitchenette!!

See you on the Mountain,

Bike a Bit, Hike a Bit...

Stopped at the cross-country trails today since I had to go grocery shopping :) It would be nice if I woke up before it got too hot...notice how Vespi is hiding in the cool brush on the side of the trail?

Her first stop, after pushing up Rembrandt's & Jersey Turnpike, was to run straight into the muck that is Rocky Pond. She goes in a beautiful golden retreiver...and comes out The Black & Tan!!

I don't know, some random bright orange fungus growing on the side of the tree. Sometimes, Vespi finds the most interesting things...

We had to check out the new Overlook Trail alongside the pond...sooo very nice and smooth. Mike and about 20 kids were working on the top section of trail - talk about manpower!

It was just after this that I slipped on a rock and sliced a nice laceration into my right knee. I seem to be having quite a bit of trouble twisting out of my SPD this season...or just enhancing my collection of mountain biking battle scars :)

After some lunch and y…

Landscapes: Original Great Eastern

Finally, a beautiful blue sky day on the mountain! :) Here is a collecton of landscape photographs. While we started under the canopy of Trail E, we soon realized we had to take advantage of the beautiful weather. So, we walked up Superstar and then descended the original Great Eastern Trail (now Launchpad and Upper Cruise Control) and across the Snowshed Crossover. Hope you enjoy my walk :)

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)
Location:Original Great Eastern, Killington, VT

Wanderlust: Part II The Mountain

After a quick lunch with new yogi friends, OmnicronCeti and I took a ride up the gondola because she had never been to Stratton!!

One of the many six-packs that reach Stratton's Summit.

The mist was covering everything - even the wildflowers at the peak.

The Stratton Bear, standing proud in the clouds.

Awww, the snowaking gun looks so cute all cuddled up in its Safety Awareness Device...

A once live tree marks the passage of time atop the ski area...

some nice new snowmaking pipe nestled in amongst the pines...

If you are looking to see photos from the yoga part of the festival, check out Wanderlust: Part I The Yoga.

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Stratton Mountain, Bondville, VT

Wanderlust: Part I Yoga

For my first official yoga experience, I began slightly overwhelmed and apprehensive. Here I was, having never taken a yoga class, and I was about to jump right in to 6 hours of classes taught by some of the most famous teachers in the country...

Our 8am class began by wandering around in the fog, waiting to get our names checked off the list so we could take Desiree Rumbaugh's class, The Art of Play: A Fun and Exhilirating Flow Class.

After a fun warm up, she asked us to step outside our comfortable yoga "Can You Do This?" and try new things. Try a lunge, place your hand underneath your arm and then try to tap your neighbor with your foot...I also did my first handstand...Ever.

There were spiritual moments everywhere...

Yeah, the Gaiam Tent squeezed in 500 yoga mats a class...

The Stratton Village made for a great venue for the festival...

Waiting for Locating the Light Your Practice in the Anusara Tent with Elena Bower, a spiritual class where we learned to soften the back…

Vespoli Turns 10: A Lifetime of Adventures

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)
Location:Vermont, New Hampshire, & Maine