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The Skier's Grin Return: It's the First Week of the Ski Season at Killington!!

It is here!!
It is here!!
After what seems likes months of waiting
(cause, like it totally is)
The first days of skiing are finally upon us :) So, I was kindof a mess on the way there.
The whole Thursday afternoon opening meant I missed the first day in like years and was more than a little pissed off.
A day of skiing and I missed it?!?!

But it was okay.
I can be calm and accept missing a day on snow.
Especially since I was trying to be polite and NOT hike up before the year started.
Serves me right.
Always take snow when you can get it,
Right? So who cares about Thursday
(and not just because we got schmoozed with a free hat)

But because the mountain was open,
Everyone was bouncing in their boots just waiting on line.
People were smiling
And once again,
No one in this town had a care in the world
-- except SKIING!!!!! So we ride up the gondola
then we hike down the stairway

To hear the all too familiar
Click Click
As my heels attach themselves int…

Screw Apples, Pumpkins and Football. I Have to Get my Ski Gear Ready!!

For most normal people in society,
Fall means trips to the apple orchard,
The carving of pumpkins,
The end of baseball
And the beginning of the football season.

Sure, apple pie and acorn squash are delicious
when covered in Vermont Cheddar and
drowned in maple syrup from my neighbors.

And it is totally fun to run through waist deep leaves
piled up by the swirly winds of late October
And take photographs of brightly colored leaves
Which oftentimes seem to be in an over-exuberant abundance

But for me
- and I presume a few other dedicated souls -
Fall is about one thing and one thing only:
Ski Season.

The are Questions for Mother Nature:
When will the temps change?
When will twig season begin?
When will the snow finally fall?
When will ski season start?

There are Questions for the Resort:
When will the snowmakers begin to blow?
When will my pass be ready?
When will the mountain be open?
When will ski season start?

The are Questions for Me:
When will my new AT bindings get mounted?

The Magic Man: My Eulogy for My Dad, Steven M Sherman

"He was a poet; and they are never exactly grown-up."
-J.M.Barrie. Peter Pan in Kensington Garden 

Someway, Somehow
Against all the odds of Stage IV Rectal Cancer,
My dad seemed to somehow fly above the possible
And wandered into the realm of the impossible.
Not only did my dad physically endure his treatments,
During off treatment weeks he seemed to thrive,
Smiling and laughing and celebrating what life surrounded him.

At Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center,
My dad was known as "The Magic Man"

But I already knew my dad was magical.
He shared this magic with my mother, my sister and me Every single day of our lives.

Someway, Somehow
We lived in an Enchanted dream world,
Where fields held dreams
and winters were wonderlands.
Where happily ever afters were always possible,
Even when common sense told us they couldn't be.

And as all of you are here,
I know he must have shared a little of his magic with you.

Someway, Somehow
each one of us became part of his family.
He tried to he…