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Summiting Killington for Turns in Fresh April Snow

With snow showers on and off for the twenty-four hours,
I just had to get up to Killington Peak to check it out.
The mountain has been calling to me,
almost mocking me,
that she has been filling up with snow and I am down here,
sitting at my breakfast table just watching her.
So today, I took a journey to find some fresh April snow in which to make some turns. Not knowing what to expect, I started off with my skis on my pack and my Garmont Helix set to walk mode. Except for the fact that the random snow showers had confused me into layering for mid-winter conditions underneath my Mammut Eiger Extreme Mittegelli Shell & Pants, I was doing okay. As the initial access trail turned to from a steady stroll to approximately a thirty degree pitch in the canyon, waterfalls became the name of the game. To my left, to my right...and apparently directly under the rotting snow I was hiking on. Well, at least we now know that the snow is about mid-thigh deep on climbing out of the canyon…

The Last Day...for Lift Service

The Day we all know will eventually come but never truly want to see arrive...
is here. Today, at 5pm, the last chair will load on the Superstar Quad and the last chair sign will ascend the mountain for the final time of the season.

One Final Fling with the North Side

It will be a ski day to always remember. Over foot of snow already and still coming.
K1 Gondola opening at 10am tomorrow.
No grooming, all natural off Killington pk.
Bring Second String Skis

5:30pm 4/09/2012

Superstar Headwall

It's starting to get a little tricky
...but the skiing is still kick ass!
 The soft spring bumps are perfect!!

First Paddle of the Season

Springtime in Vermont is definitly the Best!

You can get in your
First Paddle of the Season...

Superstar Motorhouse

A might have missed last chair last night, but I sure as hell didn't miss last run.  This photo is the wheels going into the Superstar Motorhouse..which I obviously inverted so you could see the textures on the metal.  Not sure if this is cool or not, but its definitely different. :)

West Glade is Calling...

After the lifts closed, we hiked up to the top of the North Ridge Triple, still set up for unloading, and came upon this great cloud behind a nice mound of snow :)

It DUMPS in APRIL...and I'm stuck in New York

I fell victim to the guilt trip.

"It's the only time we've celebrated the holidays at home home in so long...why can't we just do it this time?"
My parents sounded desperate.
With only two and a half snowcovered trails, Killington looked desperate.
So why not head down to my childhood home to spend the holidays?

AND YOU MISS THE SKIING!! I left my parents' house early enough to get here in time to enjoy a couple hours in the powder before they shut the lifts off...

if only there had not been a double tractor - trailor accident on the Thruway.
Exactly the length of time I had to ski.
2 Hours.

i could feel a tear roll down my cheek as the traffic slowed to a complete standstill.
I was going to miss the most epic say of the season. As we inched along, Vespi moved into the front seat and I took my calm from her. Petting her as I played Toots & the Maytalls out of my old iPod.
Trying to convince myself that it some…

My Childhood Revisited: Sterling Forest Ski Center

For many, spring marks the rebirth of nature from her wintery grave. For skiers, it is a time to celebrate all that has come to pass over those same cold months...and all the winters before. This year marks the first time in many years that I am home, in the house of my childhood, for the spring holidays. So instead of making turns on snow I am forced to journey back to where much of my ski life began:

Sterling Forest Ski Center
in Tuxedo, NY Every Thursday after lunch, our entire elementary school would pile into the bus. We were Goofy looking kids, clad in day-glo jackets and with jeans tucked into our ski boots. The teachers tried to organize our chaotic mess of Ski-Tote gathered skis & poles into the bus and off we would go.
I remember the first day I was old enough
- A big time third grader -
and I made the mistake of wearing ski pants.
Man, I was such a loser! I wanted so much to be like the older kids...
they were learning how to keep their head still while their u…

Rocking Snow for the First Week of April

With snow almost every day this week, that's already more snow this month than March!
Here's a few shots from the week to leave us begging for more...including a portrait of the all powerful Superstar Glacier.
Also in here is my teenaged cousin and my over-enthusiastic attempts at claiming all the available freshies that the one lift still turning could access!
Here's to the potential for the best April ever!! May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains within You,

First Trail Run of the Season

Vespi and I headed out for our first trail run of the season,
a five mile loop up to the top of Bear Mountain & back to check out the skiable terrain.

Oh, did you think I was gonna tell you where the snow was?
(although there is a really nice C Rail on Dream Maker) May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespi

Skiing April?

After a disastrous warm spell the past few weeks, we received a moment of respite this morning as we woke up to a world completely covered in...