Monday, November 21, 2011

Lift Service...An Adventure?

Today, the first Daddy-Daughter Ski Day of the season, was marked by some of the most interesting and invigorating terrain of the season:
Great Northern

The morning started out with a big whoop whoop as I noticed the guns had started on the top of Skye Peak. How freaking awesome is that?
The snowmakers have been working their asses off blowing enough snow to make a winter wonderland for all the touristas coming up to celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday. Seriously, have you ever seen a snowmaker with a big ass? I haven't.
Great Northern was indeed the most exciting trail today - while the Glades has been reduced to dust on bulletproof during the expansion period.
Besides, the newest trail on the mountain needed its cherry popped!
As you continued down this "Easy Way Down", there were so many different textures it was awesome. Frozen corn, sugar snow, sticky yellow, heavy wet muck, bulletproof yellow, not so frozen corn, frozen granular, loose granular, man-made powder, silky snow and even a section of groomed death cookies.
It was fantastic!!
Every single turn was on a different snow surface. If you didn't give full attention to what you were doing, you were going to end up head over heels into some quirky and unexpected wierdness.
But all that hard work would pay off when we arrived at the bottom with huge grins on our faces. Through snow guns and college kid marking cones, we would float along toward another day of skiing greatness.
Great Northern was difficult!
Gotta love it!
As we rode up the gondola one more time to make one more run down Great Northern, my dad and I were finally able to laugh again as we celebrated life.
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,

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