...And then I took a nap.

Sometimes, you get caught up in the excitement of an upcoming powder day.

The snow blasted onto the wall right outside my front door...I KNEW that the magic would be where the wind had blown all the snow...

In the woods, where the winds woud be quiet and still, and the snow would be puffy and light.

And yet, somehow I ended up in the gondola.

I could have simply gone on a serene snowshoe through the woods

But sometimes old habits are hard to break...

And pretty soon I was getting snow-blasted in the face by an army of wicked powerful snowguns.

What a beautiful east coast powder day :)

To float through the natural snow...to feel the glide under your feet...

It's an old Vermont Science:
The Skill of Finding the Lightest Snow
amidst high winds, blazing snow guns, & minimal coverage

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,