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    There's An Old-New Spirit in the Air: A Changing of the Guard at Killington 2012-2013
   Ski Bum Phobia; My Fear of Missing the Snow
    Just A Ski Bum: Finding Peace through Movement
    Skiing with the Boyfriend What it's like to ski together with the one you love
    SKIING: Alpine or Downhill? In search of a modern definition of skiing
    Bibbity Bobbity Boo! A Tribute to My Dad: How To Raise A Ski Bum
    No More Giggle for the South Ridge Triple: A Tribute to my Favorite Ski Lift

Local Treasures
   Kent Pond: Irene's Aftermath exposes a new wonderland
  The Beast: Our Winter Playground  Who needs toys when you have skis?
  Opening Day 2012: The Greatest Gift - Killington Opens October 13th for Passholders Only!!
 Your Freshies Just Got Snaked by a Dog: Sunrise Powder Run
  One Final Fling with the North Side: The 2012 Easter Snowstorm; 19 inches of Heaven!
  Skin to Killington Peak: An afternoon in the sun
  Tuckerman Ravine 2012: The Mecca of East Coast Skiing
  Tuckerman Ravine 2012: Candids with the Gang
  What More Could You Ask For? 12 Hours of Skiing in 12 Inches of Untracked :)
  I LIVE FOR THIS: First Lift Service of the 2011/2012 Ski Season
  Sleeping Bag? Check!  Skinning Up, Camping Out & Getting Fresh Tracks!
  Skiing Killington in July! Making History at the Big K
  From Flip Flops to Ski Boots: A Late Spring Tour at Killington

Trail Running
  Home Sweet Home (All 5 Peaks Worth)

Hiking & Backpacking
  Churchill Scott Shelter: A Night on the Appalachian Trail
  AT SOLO: Day 1 Lucy's at the Lookout
  AT SOLO: Day 2 Lying Naked on the Floor
  AT SOLO: Day 2.5 In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room
  AT SOLO: Day 3 Rain is Different When You're In It

Canoeing Camping
   Waiting for Winter: A Trip to St. Regis Canoe Area Paddling plus summiting Long Pond Mtn 
  Little Tupper in the Adirondacks: We explore the ponds and lakes surrounding Little Tupper
  Lake Lila 2012: The Flatwater Gem of the Adirondacks
  Fish Pond Creek Loop3 Days, 6 Portages & 8 Ponds of the Adirondacks
  Acadia National Park: Paddling Mt. Desert Island
  With minimal snow on the ground, we head to the St. Regis Canoe Area
   Lake Lila: Wilderness Camping in the Adirondacks

  Freedom atop Dear Leap: finding peace in my body and soul
  Wanderlust Festival 2011 in Stratton, VT: Part I The Yoga

Mountain Biking
  Ride the Beast: Naked thoughts about downhill mountain biking at Killington Resort


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