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Hike-O Pico: Let the April Adventures Begin!!

Ahhh, the joy of pulling into a completely empty parking lot of a ski resort on a 45 degree bluebird day in April. The lifts are not turning, the base lodge stands empty save for a few members of the cleaning crew putting the finishing touches on the season.
But we are here.
With our skins and our backpacks and our dogs.

And our 85 SPF. The sky is a glorious deep blue, but the trees are still covered in ice from the Sunday's nasty storm. But with the sun beating down on them, they glitter and seem to be covered with cherry blossom buds. Like some kinda of Japanese Garden got teleported to Pico for the day and we had the privilege of skinning through this fantasy. It was perfect. Drops of rain like water would fall as the wind gently blew through the treetops. Perfect - except for when the wind would blow and knock the bigger chunks of ice off of the trees. Ouch. Falling ice chinks can really hurt :( and also make for a very odd texture on which to skin up. Coopie didn'…