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Fairy Tales & Powder: Childhood Ski Dreams Can Come True

I came around the corner...
My eyes bugged out of my head.
My mouth dropped open
as I shook my helmet in disbelief.

I had dreamed of this moment,
of standing here,
at the entrance to this particular trail,
on a power day such as this.

despite the absolute awesomeness of the day,
no one,
not a single person,
had been here.
I looked around,
first uphill then down,
making sure this wasn't a dream
wondering if someone was going
to pop out of the woods
and burst
the perfectness of my moment.
And then it sinks in.
I am going to ski this.
This will be all mine.

A tear forms in my eye...

oh my god,
But I cannot.
My heart is beating so wildly.
before me,
untouched and virgin,
lies a path through the snow.

And not just any snow.
Like feet and feet of wind drifted snow.
Like waist deep snow.
Like MY Snow!!!

The big selfish grin spread slowly across my face,
I Bit my lower lip in great anticipation...
I rocked back on my tails, swung those tips around,
and let my skis just fall…

Skiing Killington at Night: Finding My Own Private Nemo

My morning started with Freshies on East Mountain Road.
The plow guys were working so hard, but had yet to get to my access route to the mountain. If I could have figured out a way to take a photo while driving safely, I would have. It was just gorgeous - an untouched ribbon of white, so inviting as the snow reached from treeline to a just not hidden the guard rail separating the road from the golf course. The lights from the condos were glowing through the darkness thst marks five in the morning and the snowflakes glistened in the light as they fell slowly to the ground. I could see only as far as my headlights allowed; I had faith that the mountain was there, buried in white and just waiting for the moments when skiers would find all her secret hidden passageways filled with soft, luscious powder...
With my skins on, I left right from the back of my car in a contrastingly immaculately plowed parking lot. I had to step up the plow berm to even gt up onto the fresh snow and huge…

To Be Fourteen...and have your First Backcountry Ski Tour

When I was fourteen,
I didn't even think about skiing in the trees because I would mess up my race tune.

When I was fourteen,
I thought hiking for slalom laps, decked out in all our protctive equipment, down lower Highline was the most badass thing that a skier could do in the public eye.

When I was fourteen,
Earlier lift for super G down Bunny Buster was like a dream come true - especially when we got to launch over the Lip at the top of Mouse Trap and the work road at the bottom of the Bowling Alley.

When I was fourteen,
I wore a full Descente outfit with my pants rolled at the cuffs, we hung our helmets at the of the giant slalom course in protest of wearing them...and I had a major crush on my bright yellow Rossignol 9S slalom race skis.
My beautiful young cousin Megan is now Fourteen.

She wears Icebreaker, Arc'Teryx & Mammut
and would never dream of skiing without a helmet.
She now has hand-me-down three buckle ski mountaineering boots,
adjustable poles and Fi…