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#OmniTen Weekend: The Video

Way Back in December, Columbia Sportswear sent me and nine other ski bums to the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah for a RealWorld style weekend of product testing, a little bobsledding...and of course, powder skiing!!

A Tale of Two Killingtons or A Powder Day in March

Most everyone knows One Killington.
We experience it every day,
the rush for first cabin in the morning,
the dodge ball scene in the afternoon,
and the infamous tailgate parties that fill bay after bay.

As the sun comes,
so does the red bull type behavior,
from seeing how few turns it takes to fly down Superstar
to throwing random 7's off the Bittersweet headwall
From top to bottom runs down Low Rider through the bumped up woods,
to fist pumping at the Pickle until someone gets fist pumped in the face
everyone has a One Killington.
and it is awesome.
But there is another Killington.
One where you can hear a ski drop and lose it softly in the snow.
One where there is no race for the powder,
but a peaceful enjoyment of the fluff underneath your feet.
It is the quiet Killington.
The one that barely anybody knows.
No one except the groomers,
the snowmakers...
and the skinners.
Our alarms go off around 5:45 to 6:15 in the morning
depending on how far from the mountain we live.
Slowly but surely, the c…