Take a Curtsey

A little less than two years after "tearing" my right ACL, I took The NTNs out for a few curtseys today :)

Oh the freedom of the free heel - literally! Nothing wrapped around my foot, pulling me toward the front of the binding. Just a secure lock on the ball of my foot.
and to be able to enjoy this freedom again...there is so much grace, so much elegance in tele skiing...the real beauty of the sport is able to come out. Rather than just banging out slalom turns or holding on tight for big wankers, you just flit, float, fleety flee, you fly...
And what an absolutely gorgeous day to do it. Don't get me wrong, the Glades still has minimal snow...but Great Northern was as soft and silky as she could be this time of year. And don't get me started on the sexiness of Mouse Trap today. Ahhhh! For some reason, something was scaring people away. I mean it could have been that big water bar, but I thought it was kind of fun when you came out it from a diagonal and then floated in the air for a few seconds. Just peaceful :)
Although there was some dancing, one day of telemarking in two years will lead you to some hyper technique analysis. Like how I was just an inch or two too far over on my right foot picky toe when it was my back foot. This would cause excruciating pain as I could feel my ankle vigorously twisting inside the boot right after the rear binding lock. My right foot is a half size smaller than my left, so I cranked the buckles down one more notch and put a little turned my ankle toward the big toe. No need to overcompensate for the duckbill slop :)
But once I got my technique dialed in, me, my green tubes & the Head Wild Ones took to the mountain with joy and a bug huge grin! My knee felt great, the clouds looked sick - and Snowdon should be almost 100% open by Thanksgiving. Tell me that isn't awesome! More dance floor :)
And then the crowds began to roar in -when I say roar, I don't mean Clarkie. I mean, young college and pre-college goons who think that making turns is for sissies. I will hand over the mountain to them. Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the mountain.
May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,