Gotta Go Where There's Snow

If I am going to go for a walk in the fall and there is snow anywhere close to my vicinity, that's where I am going.

And today, the only place that has any form of snow within an hour just happens to be my own backyard :)

Why else would I live at the base of a ski resort?

Because resorts spend lots of money to make snow even when Mother Nature decides against it.

And for someone who is addicted to the scent of fresh snow and the cleanliness of wintery air...

even the loud screech of a K3000 can ease the reality of a snowless opening day of December

Even though I've seen it all my life, it is still strange to walk across to the snow line, where the base can go from a dusting to a few feet.

But as long as it is white and it covers the ground, both Vespi & I are extremely happy, albiet I do not flop on my back and roll about in the crispy fresh snow - although maybe I should :)

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,