Monday, December 12, 2011

What a FemaleSkiBum Wants

As the holidays roll around and I watch person after person stroll through the shop with their lists in hand, I have begun to wonder what a FemaleSkiBum would want to find underneath her tree...

HATS, HATS and more HATS!
Every die hard skier collects winter hats - I promise. Even with the inundation of helmets, you still need a kick ass hat. What could be cuter than a skier chick with a sick winter hat with her windblown hair & that post-ski glow? Hats can change with our mood, with the weather, with the company, with the location, with the attitude. Sometimes we're committeed to The One for a few weeks or months and sometimes, we need three different hats in one day - but every hat gets loved in its own perfect moment. A FemaleSkiBum can never have enough hats :)

Puffies & Fleeces & Hoodies, Oh My!
Ones that work for skiing, for camping, for skinning. A girl just simply cannot have enough hoodies. Think about it this way - during ski season we don't have time to peform menial tasks like laundry - there's snow to ski, remember. We need enough hoodies to get us through the entire winter without having to do any loads of wash all winter long. Well, at least only once a month....and if each hoody, puffy or fleece can go at least 7-10 wears without washing, a girl needs at least 5 good pieces - each in five different colors :) She could always use another Mammut Pilgrim, a third Patagonia Nano Pull-Over, an IceBreaker RealFleece Cascade Hoody...

Good Lookin' Long Johns
While I might change my hat or hoody everytime I change activities, I HATE changing my base layer. I wanna wear one goodlooking base layer for the whole entire. It's cold in the winter and everytime you strip down you get cold (we're not talking about wind on your skin on a super awesome day - that's different). One base layer - preferably New Zealand's merino wool - that actually looks good all day long (and also to bed!) Like my 150-200 weight from Icebreaker that promise no smell for 30 days...that's 30 days of no required laundry :) now that's my kind of base layer.

Solid Wood Jewelry
Have you ever seen the cauliflour ear that follows the frostbite from having metal in your earlobes? It's not pretty, it itches and it's totally avoidable. I know that one could simply not wear earrings when the temperature drops below freezing, but I enjoy wear earrings! I want to wear earrings! But my left ear blows up like a balloon. Look at every earring - they all have stainless steel or metal posts :( I have spent the last ten years looking for solid wooden earrings and rings and...

We want skis, of course!! Or maybe boots or bindings or poles...
Any real ski bum worth their powder wants new gear! Maybe this year it's powder skis, or a new pair of skins...her freeride backpack has some rips in the sides and alpine liners were eaten by a mouse two years ago...her snowboard boots are going into high school and she needs to switch her tele set-up over to NTN. Maybe it's her harness that needs a face-lift or the old 60m 9.8mm rope that needs replacing... I don't know exactly what it is this year, but I guarantee you, it's something - just don't presume you know what she needs. Wrap a pair of Barbie sized skis if you need it to be a surprise...let her pick out the equipment that SHE wants!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,

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