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A Winter-Spring Hike to Summit Mt Madison

We ski Killington everyday.
But sometimes, everyone needs a break.
From skiing.
From home.
From the real world. We loaded up the car and returned to the
Presidential Range of the White Mountain National Forest.
But this time...
we were leaving the skis at home.
To summit a mountain that we had left unascended for just such an occassion:
Mt. Madison

A Morning Skiing in the Sun

A sunny morning!!

Even after staying up late for the Wailers at the Pickle Barrel, Vespi & I could not ignore the bright sun shining through the bedroom curtains.

It was quick throw everything together...
cause it's time to go

Skiing Tuckerman Ravine: The Blog

We'd been diligently reading the reports coming out of the Mt. Washington Avalanche Center for about a month. Following the snowpack through the high avalanche danger, watching the snow melt off the ridgelines & the Little Headwall transform from a kick ass ski route to a raging waterfall...

But the potential for 80 degree weather for our birthday week was all too promising.

The text went out to all possibly interested parties...

and it was time for TUX!! Racing out of my shift at 1pm on Monday, we threw the skis in the car, along with ice axes, crampons, camping gear and pretty much every combination of ski gear that you could possibly need.

You never know what to expect on Mount Washington.

Skiing Tuckerman Ravine: The Candids

Thanks to everyone for their patience this week!
I've been super busy, trying to go through hundreds of photographs from our trip to Tuckerman Ravine on Tuesday-Wednesday as well as celebrating both mine and the BF's birthdays.

So, I will leave you with some candids from our trip to Tuck's for now -
and YES, Vespi was ripping it with the rest of us!, :)

Hopefully the blog will be finished soon...
I fear it's turning into more of a novelette

Cooper's First Black Diamond!!

The goal is to get Cooper ready for Superstar by May 1st. So, after several weeks of training on Snowshed and other various green terrain,
I felt that this morning was going to be his big day.

He was ready. Hip to Hip, Nose to Butt and generally all in the melted snow on the sides of the trail,
Cooper and Vespi made their way up toward our destination:


Sunset Rappel at Deer Leap

We skied all day
so to change things up a bit,
we grabbed
our climbing rope and harnesses
and headed up Deer Leap
for a little rappel in the sunset. Unfortunately,
Half way down the rock
I realized that
my camera
SUCKS! Thank goodness life isn't just about the goal
but the adventure getting there as well The hiking surface alternated between
ROCKS Try telling those three apart while hiking down via headlamp.
It's pretty funny
when you go to step on a rock and
it crumbles beneath your foot. Whether the pictures came out or not,
I know that the sunset was gorgeous And Vespi had plenty of boulders to climb
and snow to roll in And I, I got to
scare the crap out of myself
by walking backwards
over a cliff

and then
hang there
on the side of the cliff
taking photos.

One day,
I will trust the system
and climbing will be
FUN!! May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespi

I love Dirty Spring Snow - Seriously!

It's getting to be that time of year again... Where the snow is decorated by millions and millions of sap sticky pine needles And the Bumps on Outer Limits are soft and delicious in their volkswagon glory And so I ski around,
Looking for Mung that is just soft enough to ski But not too soft ...
...Who am I kidding?

It might not look dangerous,
but sometimes the snow is so soft,
it requires a stepping wedge to get around.

You think I am kidding? Can You Find My Line
through this section of mighty fine
-even if extremely sketchy -
spring woods? The rivers are raging good,
but still covered up where we need them most ;) But if you sleep in
and let the snow warm up
everything is just wonderful :) But it's still skiable!! May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,

Up Pico For a Sunset Schuss

Company Field Trip!! First Day of Daylight Savings
The Extra Hour before Sunset
Must Be Celebrated

A Company Field Trip
A Skin Up Pico Mountain
for the first Sunset of the Spring

Tough Job, I know :)

As the sun set in the sky,
we made our way up the snow covered trails.
We laughed at the view
wishing we could somehow skin up backwards
so we wouldn't miss a minute

A Beautiful Sunset
With Every Glance Behind Us
The Sky Became more Vibrant
With Every Stride further Uphill
The Colors Got Deeper

And cause we're all GearHeads
We Couldn't Help Ourselves
So we skinned straight up Pike in a game of
"Who's Skins Climb the Best?"

We huffed and we puffed
And sometimes we slipped
But every stride was worth it
This was one hell of a trip!

And now, without further B.S. from me, enjoy the sunset from our ascent up Pico! Thanks to everyone who works at
for a kick ass celebration
of Winter
of Skiing
of Mountains

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,

Powder Makes Ski Buddies for Life

As time passed at during my bar shift at the Birch Ridge Inn, we noticed something wonderful happening outside the big picture window in the Great Room:
It was snowing!!

And not just any snow...
big white fluffy flakes that were glistening under the light of the parking lot lanterns.
(it's kinda tricky to take pictures and pour drinks at the same time, sorry) We almost went out for a night tour,
but this week my bed has been
singing way too sweet song
to pass up the temptation.

Not that I could sleep anyway.
I dreamed of floating on powder.

Man, I love that dream :) I was worried that we were going to have to
mini Cooper
out of his crate in the morning.

But he came bounding into the Ski Room with big eyes ready to go

How does a five month old puppy already know how awesome it is?
Oh yeah, he was in fluffy powder over his head last Saturday
(see here) Well, this puppy is gonna have a
rude awakening
when he comes to the heartbreaking realization that
not every day
on the East Coast

A Mid-Winter Island Tour

The warm spring sun made an appearance on Wednesday...
it s already fifty degrees by the time Vespi and I arrived at the touring center at 10am Our plan
- well, my plan anyways -
was to enjoy the beauitful weather by getting to
classic ski a couple laps in the
nether region of Mountain Meadows

I wanted to enjoy skiing in my skirt & hot pink gaitors from the early ninties.
I wantd to enjoy skiing in soft spring corn snow.
I wanted to enjoy skiing in a t-shirt and
maybe even get a sunburn on my finally exposed forehead.

Vespi, however, had other plans.

Tuesdays Are For Romance

The BF and I have designated Tuesdays as Date Days. We spend the day tooling around Killington, riding the lifts, cruising the greens till we get bored & drop into the woods and generally treating it like what it really is: an amusement resort.

Mountain Meadows at its Best: Black Ski Trail

A few weeks ago, venturing out on the Black Ski Trail was a far fetched dream. I had recently crashed on the ground at the end of going the wrong direction down a steep hill. When I looked up, I saw this sign: Obviously, this was not going to be the trail for me on that day.

Surprise!! It's a Puppy Powder Day

Who Loves Powder? Puppies love Powder!

Black Snowshoe the daylight!

I had one of the most wonderful lunch breaks today.

Vespi and I got to do Black SnowShoe Trail in the Daylight.