And So Winter Begins...We Hope

This Wednesday marks the true commencement of winter, the longest day of the year - with the shortest amount of sunlight.

The Winter Solstice

Every year, I look forward to this day in hopes it will mark the turn from the torture of fall and its on again/off again snow coverage.

But instead we start today with a Not - So - Hero Snow Day of spitzing rain (not so hero snow being just short of hero snow, but the snow looks like it from the top of the pitch but then surprisingly not - so - hero snow as you thought on the way down)

Even the super fun whalebacks on Bittersweet today were nit enough to knock me from this fall funk. There is only one cure for my disease: a foot plus of snowfall to get this season - and my trail access to the mountain - going.

I am here, stuck in the midst of my "why hasn't the winter season really started yet" depression, and struggling to feel my soul connected to the mountain.

May YOU Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within YOU,