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Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar

Woke up too early on my day off, so Vespi and I ventured up Skye Peak to check out the water flow and an uphill view of the Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar.

You're Snowboarding, remember?

I got off the gondola today, strapped on my board, started off down Great Northern...
...and then I almost threw up.

Did I mention I love the Poma?

After three days off snow, I was beginning to go slightly crazy...

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Today, I begin a new venture guest posting for those Famous Internet Skiers guys :)

So, for today's blog, you'll have to mosey on over to their website to check out my full twelve hours of skiing from yesterday's Thanksgiving storm.

Click here to go to the Famous Internet Skiers Website

Winter is BACK!!

Sometimes it pays to get up before the lifties :)

Take a Curtsey

A little less than two years after "tearing" my right ACL, I took The NTNs out for a few curtseys today :)
Oh the freedom of the free heel - literally! Nothing wrapped around my foot, pulling me toward the front of the binding. Just a secure lock on the ball of my foot. and to be able to enjoy this freedom again...there is so much grace, so much elegance in tele skiing...the real beauty of the sport is able to come out. Rather than just banging out slalom turns or holding on tight for big wankers, you just flit, float, fleety flee, you fly... And what an absolutely gorgeous day to do it. Don't get me wrong, the Glades still has minimal snow...but Great Northern was as soft and silky as she could be this time of year. And don't get me started on the sexiness of Mouse Trap today. Ahhhh! For some reason, something was scaring people away. I mean it could have been that big water bar, but I thought it was kind of fun when you came out it from a diagonal and th…

Lift Service...An Adventure?

Today, the first Daddy-Daughter Ski Day of the season, was marked by some of the most interesting and invigorating terrain of the season:
Great Northern

Farewell, Rippie

Today we bid a tearful goodbye to Vespi's older cousin, her soulmate, her hiking partner, ski buddy and best friend in the whole wide world.

Air In the Lines at Bear!

Haven't been to Bear Mountain Base Area since Tropical Storm Irene...

May I Join You?



Today, I rode the lift.
And I skied. And skied. And skied.
As I loaded the car with my skis, boots and poles, I could feel the excitement building. In fact, I really hadn't slept at all last night in anticipation of the greatness that would be today. As any good resort skier knows, self-presentation in the parking lot is extremely important. Just for this day, I had chosen a cassette tape that I had treasured as a young girl. I had dreams of skiing like Scott Schmidt & Glen Plake - what skier from the 80s didn't? My warm up music today? The soundtrack from Greg Stump's masterpiece, Liscense to Thrill. First up the gondola, soaking in the easy ride to the top. Even though I have played in the snow many times already this winter, today felt like my first time. Like a winter virgin, I strove to sneak a peak at the manmade winter wonderland that awaited just at the top of the canyon: That fall skiing mecca of the Glades Triple. And then I was there. Well, sort of anyways…

In Search of Natural Snow

Morning run before work to see if we could find any natural snow left about on the mountain...

Pre-Dawn Summit Ascent

Dragged my dad and his dog out of bed at five o'clock in the morning to hike through the dark up to the summit of Killington So we strapped on our headlamps and headed up in the pitch black before even the lifties were out. Just my, dad, me, two dogs...and an army of snowmakers :) I love you dad, but you do know how to make a headlamp looks absolutely rediculous. By the time we arrived at the summit around 7am, the lifties were just getting dropped off at the snowmobiles after their truck ride up the workroad. They were impressed (and surprised) that we had walked all the way up ... and in the dark. Of course, there was no visible sunrise to speak of...but we did get to The Light right at the time that there was light. It made me giggle. Surprisingly, there was no need for stabilizers or crampons anywhere - no visible frozen water - but my dad did say he would have liked snowshoes for the short section of Great Northern we had to walk. They started blowing snow on Upper Downdraft this mo…

White Dust, Baby!

Rolled out of bed, threw on my flip flops and headed up to the mountain...
With minimal snow on the ground here in Killington, we loaded up the car and headed to the Adirondacks to get our float on.

Shit Show Season

Each winter, as the resort ski season begins, a wierd phenomona takes over the community: Shit Show Season.

Genetically Modified...Snow?

On cold morning rides up the Snowdon Triple, my teammates and I would create an imaginary scenario where snow would fall when it was 70 degrees and skiing could be a year round sport.

Mountaineering at Killington?

Before the sun rose this morning, I was axe in hand and halfway up Skye Peak...

Even the Best Laid Plans...

For the first time this year, I laid all my gear out the night before...but then we ended up at the Long Trail Party Release of the Centenntial Red at JAX. It is extremely difficult to set your alarm for 6am when you get home from the bar at 3am. But hey, that's why we live in Killington, right?

From Ski Boots to Flip Flops

It's always my favorite thing when I get to wear flip flops back and forth from the mountain...