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Was this the last day of skiing at Killington for the 2011-2012 Season?

Honestly, I have been avoiding writing this blogpsot like the plague. Instead of sneaking in ski days all through June, this season barely made it to Memorial Day. I am not complaining about the lack of snow or the nasty sunburn from which I am suffering today, but I am still having difficulty accepting the end. We have known for quite some time that the snowmelt has been about six weeks ahead of schedule, but it didn't really hit me until is past weekend when I went to say a final farewell to the tiny unskiable patch that was left at the very bottom of Superstar (guess those big fan guns work pretty well). With Vespi by my side, we ran almost desperately up to this tiny little unskiable patch and I unceremoniously collapsed to my knees. Not feeling in control of myeslf, I hesistantly placed my right palm directly onto the snow and my eyes closed to hold back everything that had been bottled up inside me. I took a deep breathe...and then another. Like Spock trying a mind me…

Sunset from Woodward Reservoir

The boyfriend and I spent hours on Woodward Reservoir this past Monday. I kept paddling the circumference round and round in circles while he searched for the two remaining fish residing in this body of water post-Irene. What a stark contrast to the hundred beds surrounding the islands on Kent Pond in Killington. But on our quiet and distinct journeys we enjoyed the pleasure of having an entire reservoir all to ourselves. It seemed at the time like the epitome of a feeling like just another part of a greater whole... No wonder we didn't want to leave and ended up staying on the water until sunset :)

Lake Lila Canoe Trip: The Flatwater Gem of the Adirondacks

The first canoe camping trip of the season is always anticipated by great - if not over - enthusiasm. Even though we are still skiing everyday in Killington, the water and air temperatures have finally stabilized enough that we felt the urge to head out into the Adirondack backcountry for a few days. After skiing then working Monday morning, we loaded up the car and knowingly headed into three full days of pouring rain. Except that when we got wasn't raining at all. In fact, what we thought was going to be a gnarly night paddling against choppy whitecaps turned into a just plain sexy knife cut through the glass. This was flatwater canoeing at it's finest. Nobody comes out here. You have to risk trashing your car's underbelly along public easeways and miles of dirt road before having to portage your canoe.
And yet, there is always at least one other car there.
And yet, you never hear or see anybody. What you do hear are the sounds of the wind, rustling th…

The Beauty of Earning Your Turns

It's not all about the skiing.
Well, at least not while you're hiking up to get your turns in.

 While hiking the same route up Superstar that I've been following for the past few weeks, I came across this plant enjoying the pouring rain in which we were hiking. I was captivated by the one drop of rain calmly nestled inside, completely saved from the chaos that is hiking with two golden retreivers. Somehow, amidst all that, I saw this, stepped back and without removing my skis from my shoulder, shot this peaceful moment.

Crazy Ski Bum-ness is Hereditary

Due to some real world commitments (like a job & family) my dad has been unable to ski for like almost an entire month! This has been absolute torture for him. He missed the Great April Dump, lots of beautiful days basking in the sunshine while riding the Superstar Quad and several trips hiking up to the top of Skye with Coopie. So, of course, when he finally has two consecutive days off in a row and is able to make it up to rains :( But does that stop my dad?

NO WAY!! After working from home all day and watching the rain pitter patter on the windows, we finally gave up waiting for a lull and decided to get our butts out there.
We were not going to be deterred from earning our turns just because of a little bit of really cold and miserable looking rain. We have plenty of high quality rain gear - a Vermont lifestyle requirement - so there were no excuses as we started up the mountain. For some stupid reason I could not find my spring ski gloves. I must have some b…

Skiing under quiet Rain Clouds

It had rained all day. A deep, penetrating rain that made anyone who is still earning their turns extremely nervous.
How much snow would we lose?
Puppy Cooper would be arriving sometime around seven o'clock, so we waited for him before heading up Superstar. The rain held off for a few hours and we were able to get some turns in as the sun set behind the mountain. On our second run, we noticed the crazy storm break clouds hovering across the valley. As the two puppies ran everywhere and celebrated their ski time by rolling in and eating the snow, I couldn't resist stopping for longer than usual to capture this photograph.
The Skiing, by the way, was absolutely fantastic.
Definitely less snow, but way more than I was expecting :) May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
Merisa, Vespi & Coopie

New Beachfront Property in Killington...for the Snails

The moving water of Tropical Storm Irene transformed the surface floor of the Town of Killington's very own Kent Pond. Where there used to be decaying leaves and twigs, there is now only sandy beach on the pond floor. While the fish might not be too happy with the lack of places to hide, the snails are thriving! We noticed on our canoe paddle that the shallow cove floors are decorated with hundreds of snail trails...this big boy is about the size of a baby's fist and you can just make out his path spiraling behind him :)

The Mountain Bleeds White

As the rainy, rainy season appraoches, we donned our rain gear and set off in search of run-off streams lined with the vibrant greens of new spring growth. This stream is brand new, courtesy of Tropical Storm Irene, but still shows the beauty that is Vermont in the transition toward becoming the Green Mountains.

Studying Her Line

Vespi gazes downhill from the snowline on Superstar Headwall underneath some pre-rain clouds one evening - studying the remains on the trail that lies below before we ski on down

Struggling with Puppy Rehab

As Vespi approaches her eleventh birthday next month, we have been struggling through trying to get her arthritis symptoms under control. There are all kinds of new (nd very expensive) glucosomine and chondroitin powders and treats, Omega 3 goo to drizzle atop her food and Apple Cider Vinegar to add to her water.

All this to get her back to where she wants to be:
NOT LIMPING Our mini nightmare began about one month ago, with that first few inches that we had in April. She and I got a little greedy for fresh snow and did several laps on the powder covered icy bumps of Skye Lark. It wasn't too long after that where she started to actually look her age. No one in the shop was asking about the four year pup, but instead giving sympathetic looks as the old dog gimped over to them.
It was extremely painful to watch, and the pain in her eyes was eating straight through to my heart. And then it got worse.
While we were puppy sitting Cooper, I got up to go skiing e…

A Puppy in Vermont, Spring 2012

When we first picked him up on Thursday evening,
six month old Cooper realized he could no longer fit underneath Vespi.
Today, he has discovered the ancient art of humping.

It's amazing what five days of skiing and hiking in Vermont.
Even change a puppy into a dog. Mixing it up with a hike up Deer Leap,
a quick one hour hike on a former sectn of the AT/LT that meanders around the back of the 60-110 foot cliffs that make up the Deer Leap Crag Or how about a little disc golf at Base Camp Outfitters,
a great place for pups to hang out! Or maybe a three hour hike up to the summit of RamsHead... But really, we know it's all about the skiing! May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains within You,
FemaleSkiBum, Vespi & Coopie