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One Month of Skiing at Killington...And I am Completely Obsessed

I have been a very bad girl.
I have fallen into the abyss.
I have gone skiing.

And I have forgotten about the rest of the world.
It happens.
Every winter.
Where I forget about absolutely everything except where and when I am going to make that next turn. I fall asleep debating whether or not to skin for Dawn Patrol or stand in line waiting desperately for first cabin. Dinner is eaten early so I can be in bed by at least 10pm - if not wicked earlier - so I get enough sleep to ski. Nights at home consist of making dinner and then trying not to fall asleep on the couch before bedtime.

I eat. I ski. I work. I eat one more time. And then I sleep.
All the mundane things of life slip away, consciously at first and then i just plain forget. Only a timer on my phone reminds me that the mortgage is due or that I have to pay the electric bill. The grocery store seems so far away, and Neil Diamonds at the Phat Italian are just soooo much closer. We eat spaghetti, mac & chees…