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Chivalry on the Slopes: How to Keep Your Skier Girl Satisfied

Recently, as I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I noticed an interesting article posted by one of my high school friends from the South. In the article, the author called for a return to the good old days of chivalry and it got me thinking. While the BF and I do very much love to ski with each other, sometimes we definitely do not. What wonderful things should our guys be doing to demonstrate these chivalrous values while on the slopes? AND what could they do to keep us happier as an end result :)
1. Ladies in the Middle
Guys - we get colder waaay faster than you do, so it would be nice if you let us sit inbetween you on chairlifts. That way we can soak up a bit of your warmth for ourselves. On that note, take the windy side, would you? You could protect my delicate self from the wind and take it all yourself.
And then maybe we could even snuggle...just a little?

2. It's My Gear, Damn it!!
As a woman, I am colder than you. That means that I will never be warm e…