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Welcome Back, South Ridge

More than a few years ago, I was hiking around the south side of the mountain when I spotted the quiet dismantling of the South Ridge Triple.  There had been no notice, no warning, no big announcement.  Just a few guys out there working, rolling up the cable, removing the wheels from the towers and then eventually pulling them down, too.

It was heart wrenching.

So many memories of my childhood are of this one area and the unique chairlift experience that went with it.    The South Ridge area was so unique unto itself.  Trails like Echo Woods, Breakaway and the Jug Handle were unique and the sun would bask on you in the springtime after treating you to some phenomenal winter powder.  I felt like Killington had stolen those memories when they removed the chair; That this was the beginning of the end.

For years, we watched the trees grow taller and tighter in Echo Woods, so tight that only the very silly will risk an adventure through them for old times sake.  Small trees grew up on E…