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The Tiger Unleashed: Can I Control It?

I can feel it.

The rage.
The aggression.
The fire.

It courses through my veins like a tiger unleashed.

And it is very hard to control.
The snow is hard, yet soft.
The snow is firm, yet edge-able.
The temperature is cold, but not too damn cold.
And the grooming is just perfect.

For one thing,
And one thing only.
I take my first turn,
And rock back on my tails.
My skis shoot out from underneath me
And ride the rails around the turn.
I bring my hips forward
And i can feel my weight transition itself
as my skis swing beneath me.

And it begins again.
And again.
And again.


Throwing my skis away from me
And then pulling them back in.

I launch over the lip,
Trusting the groomers have matched their seams,
And feel the compression of the next turn as I absorb the drop.


The next few turns comes smooth and luscious.
There is no give in the snow and my edge hold strong.
I take more chances,
I throw my skis further,
My edge angles get higher,

I give in to my turns.
I give in to the r…

Family, Friends & UPHILL TRAVEL!!

I know, I know
I haven't written anything in a while.
It's not that I haven't thought about what to write
Or haven't been skiing...
It's just, well,
I've had some things to work out
That were just too personal
And I couldn't put thoughts into words
And the skiing...
I needed the skiing to be mine.
And not yours.
And I have been skiing.
Today will be 55.
I haven't been pushing,
But almost waiting.
Not searching for days,
Just letting the days find me.

It's a different kind of feeling,
Not pushing for days.
Not jumping up at 4:30am to make another day happen
Instead i've been skiing with Vespi
And Family and Friends.

It's an old kind of skiing,
Which would make my dad proud
Where it's not about the how fast
And who's first to the bottom
It's about passing on traditions
And keeping the family love of skiing strong.
To the next generation of female ski bums,
Who are laughing hysterically as we ski along.

It's about our favorite ski song,