You're Snowboarding, remember?

I got off the gondola today, strapped on my board, started off down Great Northern...
...and then I almost threw up.

With less and less available acreage to ski, I thought today would be an ideal snowboarding adventure. A few times each year, I like to take out the old RadAir board and remind myself how to ride. Looking back, I really can't remember if I even snowboarded at all last year - and I definitely felt more than a little rusty as I headed sideways down the mountain for the first time this season.

Today was a perfect day for riding because all the trails open are either blue or green - perfectly matched to my not so amazing riding skills! I was cruising down Great Northern, feeling all proud of myself, except for that one curse about changing your gear & your perspective...and I forgot I was snowboarding just long enough to make things awkward, uncomfortable and downright helarious!

I always forget that I am not on the equipment that I was on yesterday and end up doing some wierd, freaky moves to make things right once I remember what it is I am actually doing. Tricky sections are the Worst! I go in, thinking I got this, and then my brain trips and goes - you're snowboarding today, you idiot! Today I was very lucky that I didn't slam on my toe edge...everytime things got tricky I began to pull my back shoulder forward so that I could look where I was going!!

Through what was left of the snow on Killington, I managed to work my way down pretty well - and only managed to slap my ass down into the mud once. Which quickly reminded me that I cannot snowboard awesome and I needed to pay attention, damn it! So I slowed down, focused a little more on my technique and waited for the annual ephiphany that I hoped wouldn't be long in arriving...

As I explored the mountain from a whole new worldview, I went for a Triple-Triple run! The old stand-by for when the K-Chair, oops, I mean K-1 gondola, goes down on wind hold and you just HAVE to get to the sunny warmth at Bear. Some of my 'fondest' memories of Killington are shivering from cold as we raced down High Traverse over to the Bear Mountain Base Lodge for hot chocolate.
Didn't have to worry about getting cold today :)

I always forget what hard work - and FUN - snowboarding actually is.
Maybe I should ride more often :)

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,