Christmas Snow!!

As we wake up in Killington VT this morning, Snow Meiser can claim victory over his brother with our first true winter storm!

You know what that means??

We go SKIING!!

As we skinned up the mountain toward our destination, I could just feel the stress of the past few weeks lifting from my soul and I felt lighter, and lighter, and lighter...

Of course, it was the snow under my feet that felt the most magical.

I was expecting frozen yellow underneath a bright white, but what we got instead was a soft underbelly with a glorious - one could almost say fluff - on top!

And there was even a little phoof as the snow came up and over my tips on the way down :)

I am reminded of an old childhood Christmas movie, in which every time Snow Meiser tried to make it snow, his brother - the evil Heat Meiser - would turn that snow to rain. Finally, Snow Meiser was able to kick his brother's ass today!

I'm Mr. Icicle
I'm Mr Snow.
I'm Mr. White Christmas
I'm Mr, Ten Below

Friends call me Snow Meiser
Whatever I touch
Turns to ice in my clutch
...I'm too much!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,