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Ski Bum Life: The Emotional Roller Coaster of Twig Season

It was here not too long ago.
Like last week.
And now it's gone.
Just like that.
Talk about messing with a ski bum's brain waves and mental stability. I was all set to get my season started, getting stoked about adding more trails to the one proud Rime. But now, we are reduced to walking through fallen leaves as they completely cover the bike trails and litter the ski ones.

I was all set to ski...
and now I really just don't know what to do with myself.
It's nobody's fault.
There really isn't anything you can do about the weather turning from a frosty wonderfulness back to the warm days of Autumn. It'll be fantstic weather for the Halloween Parade tonight in Rutland.
I am fighting it, this warm weather.
Each day I start off with a silent protest, picking a wool hat from the hat drawer but it has to come off by around 10am because I am sweating to death.
Of course, it hasn't helped my mood any that my body crashed as the snow me…

First Week of Skiing at Killington: Behold the Power of Krom!

What a Long, Strange Week it's Been...
It's my dad's fault.
I used to dream of weeks like this when I was a kid.
He had taken me one wonderful day,
to ride the K-Chair into October Skiing Glory.

The excitement of getting our ski fix in way before Halloween was probably about all this little ski junkie could handle...
Although I am pretty positive my dad must have been even more excited than I was.

But we had done it.
Skied in October.
Done laps off the mid-station until our legs couldn't move anymore.
If nothing else,
I will always be grateful to Pres & Joe for giving us those magical ski days.
Once you've skied in October in Vermont,
you want more.
You are itching for it.

When the mountain opened up for Saturday,
I knew there was no way I was letting all that snow go to waste.
I would be there.
I would ski it.

With the rain on Sunday also came word that Chamber Business Employees could get day tickets by showing a current pay stub.
A ticket?
To go skiing?
In October?!


The Greatest Gift: Killington Opens on October 13th!!!!

The Sky overhead was crystal clear - and dark as any good night should be. The stars shone brightly as we unloaded our gear from the car and strapped our skis to our packs. Ski boots were put into walk mode and we began our ascent toward wintery greatness by the light of the silvery moon.
Ever so slowly, the sun began to rise and we were able to turn off our headlamps. As our eyes adjusted to the darkness, we kept having to turn around. The light from the first sunrise of the ski season was poking it's colors out from behind Skye Peak.
And we didn't want to miss a second of the sun's majestic rise.
Slowly - and with great commitment - we weaved our way through the trees and up toward our destination. At about 2500', just past the top of Lower Conclusion, we began to walk on snowy covered ground. My buckles got caught on some still standing grasses as we made our way further upward. But we continued - there was greatness to be had in these mountain today.

Waiting for Winter: Canoe Camping in the St. Regis Canoe Area

We arrived, as usual, just as the sun was setting on the western shore of Hoel Pond. Quickly, we loaded up the boats, signed into the registry and launched. In fact, we we so quick that I hadn't bothered to take off my jeans. You know, just in case there might be a fashionable event somewhere in the upcoming no service area.
But I managed not to step into the pond and arrived nice and dry at our Campsite. For some reason, The Boyfriend decided to drag Out the fifteen year old Mountain Hardwear Tent to see if it was still backcountry friendly. Setting up the tent was helarious - no waterproof zippers, crinkly clear plastic to serve as windows built into the fly...and pretty heavy eastman poles. About the same size but about twice the weight as our newer tent, it was fun - and easy to cook out of with its one ginormous vestibule.
The next morning started out as any other in the backcountry - with Vespi heading down with all the other anomals to drink her fill from the water…