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Memorial Day Weekend

Because his kids were sick, a good friend of ours was family free for the holiday weekend...and he's a mountain biker :) Since the resort has to wait for the water to completely drain before opening for the downhill season, it was off to the buffed out singletrack of Pine Hill Park in Rutland.

From the Overlook you can see Rocky Pond and the glorious Green Mountains...

I made a new friend :)

The Pine Hill Desert: that electrical space in between all the awesome shaded biking.

Sorry that there's not a lot of pictures this weekend. Memorial Day around here is more of do we say...drinking holiday! Most of the restaurants and businesses are closed, except for those open for the Killington Stage Race. So those of us that stick around town because this is our home spend an awesome weekend with drinks in hand. In fact, the Idiots show at JAX on Saturday night practically required Killington residency .

And what did we talk about? Skiing. and Snowboarding.

See you on…

27 May 2011

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)
Location:Killington Peak, Killington, Vermont

26 May 2011

It was so hot the past few days that all the water on the trails has evaporated. After three completely dry waterbars on the ascent, the dogs finally found a resting place. You could hear Rippie groaning in delight as he tried to soak up as much water as possible...

Lots of snow on the headwall, right? I don't care what anyone says, and Vespi agrees, Dirty Corn Snow is some of the best skiing there is!

Getting ready for dog treat and water disbursement as we gather for our safety meeting at the summit...

Can you see the black flies swarming all around me? on the back of my neck and in my ears, my eyes, my nose, my mouth...

And this test of my Vibram soled ski boots walking down the runoff tream was cut short by Rippie suddenly realising that he could walk on the rocks and therefore shoved me out of the way and into the stream.

Now that I was cooled down, this was way more fun than walking down the depressingly snowless parts of lower Superstar...

See you on the Mountain,

24 May 2011

Hiked one of my favorite loops for the first time this season!

There is more snow at the top of Bear than Skye Peak or Killington!

But back to green again in the Stash...

The most commonly found piece of trash on Killington, besides bottle caps.

One sad and lonely piece holding on...

Needless to say, I did NOT pick up this quarter!

Love the view from the Killington Cloud today :)

Just a couple of dogs living the dream!

Um, there isn't any snow left in the middle :(

Classic mountain biking bridge made of retired snowmaking hoses. Sweet!

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)
Location:Killington Ridge, Vermont

22 May 2011

These ferns on Lower Skye Lark are just starting to shed their furry exteriors...

While these on middle Skye Lark are still babies :)

I swear there was more snow here yesterday!

Off to the crag at Dear Leap for my first day of climbing this season... :)

A hidden garden alongside the access trail...

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)
Location:Skye Peak & Dear Leap, Killington, Vermont

21 May 2011

With the Killington Cloud hovering, we saw a stadium of fiddleheads right as we were rounding the hump...

But I thought it would be more fun to scoot over and hike up Old Superstar...

Which was a field of baby christmas trees, the fresh smell of which just embraced you...Rippie is licking some sap which was stuck on his nose!

Vespi posing on our way up the Ovation headwall...

The view from a quiet cove on Kent Pond during my afternoon paddle :)

...and just for you ski bums out there: this is what we're skiing on out East...

and loving every minute of it!

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)
Location:Skye Peak & Kent Pond, Killington, Vermont

20 May 2011

Last night, my parents dropped off their 10 year old golden retreiver to stay with us for the week while they went to visit family. It has now become Vespi's job to show her Rippie all the awesome things that she gets to do and sniff everyday - starting with skiing this morning in the fog melt.

The snow has definately started to show dirt in between, which means we are starting to get closer to the end :( of our fantastic 2010-2011 winter season. This photo was taken right as you roll over the headwall...and right into this mini obstacle course. Remember, the headwall is all rocks!

But, the most interesting section came a little further down...the challenge? How do we get from this snow patch to that snow patch without taking our skis off? Gotta love the fast grass :)

Here is proof that Rippie is aptly named - he was rippin' it down Superstar today!! Straight running everything with a huge grin!! Yeah, this dog loves skiing :)

With the miracle of a percipitation free day, I h…

19 May 2011

The Sun was out today!! So that meant hoofing it up to try to get as much skiing in as first it was straight up Superstar...why? Because I was feeling a little sadisttic today, I guess?

but Cascade was looking so good that I changed course and headed up Launch Pad over to the K-1 Gondola - which was running today for the workers.

See...there it is! The Blue Sky right before we're about to drop down Cascade. Watch out though, the snow is starting to cave in where it has rotted out below...

Then we hiked back up and took Bike Trail 2 back over to was a Moose Poop Obstacle Course! This was the one section where there wasn't any...and the best part? Vespi stayed clean!!

Except for the muddy, muddy bits where we were walking through a little bit of run-off...

And, since Vespi was picking our hike, we had to go check out Cable Trail. It is her favorite - and she was visibly dissapointed when I said no. Not quite yet, Vespi, but we'll be on the bike …