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Celebrating the Shittiest Ever Ski Year

I wake up this April morning Finally, the ground sprinkled with white I pull the covers over my head trying to block out the brightness of the light
This has not been the season I wanted This has not been the season of snow This has not been the season I needed So many times I wanted not to go.
The snow has been nonexistent  The trails filled primarily with ice My soul has taken a beating Mother Nature has been very much less than nice
My soul has been on a roller coaster, and it hasn't liked the ride The joy of skiing comes from within, to convince myself I have tried.
And tried.  And Cried.  And tried again. A jedi master I am not. the only thing I've ve got from this winter Is a runny nose filled with gooey gross snot.
This season has been exhausting Everyday trying to find the fun Then talking to others on the east coast Only to find out their seasons are done.

Sure there have been good days. I can count them: there have been 4 Even one "over the head" power day …