Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sneaking in a Tour

Sometimes, you just have to sneak in a run not matter what the conditions have been...and realize that at least you'll get some fresh air and be a better skier by the end of the day...

After our hike up Skye Peak yesterday morning to check out the umbrella boobs, Both Vespi and I still had a lot of leftover energy. And with the Killington trail report announcing the reopening of the Peak Walkway (i.e. no top to bottom skiing)
we went for the gnar.

Amazingly, the super crunchy ugliness that was leftover began to be covered with what could only be referred to as non-liquid precipitation...not quite snow but not quite rain either. And - at least where we were - the snow was sticking to the ground!! Hallelujah! Nothing is worse than looking at green grass going into December!

By the time we made it back up for our second lap, actual big fluffy flakes of SNOW were visible on Vespi. The new snow turned into that luscious bright white stickiness over warm yellow as we made our way down - my not so favorite, but still auper fun to ski once you find the right speed! I do have to say, though, that my jacket was a lot wetter than I was hoping it would be.

Somehow, we managed to enjoy ourselves in this last 'snowstorm' of November.
As the temperature rose on our way down, however, our hearts were broken to find ourselves skiing into a steady rain - but way better snow conditions!
An interesting trade off, but hey - at least we're still skiing here!!

Nothing that a hot chocolate covered in lots of mini-marshmellows and the last of the Thanksgiving chocolate chip cookies couldn't handle!!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,

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