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Tropical Storm Irene: The Damage

Finally found some wifi service in town!!

East Mountain Road right by my house.

Bear Run (off East Mountain Road)

Playing IN the road. Literally.

Water running off East Mountain Road

Roundabout Road (Off East Mountain) where the pavement does end

the guard rails are floating :(

East Mountain Road looking at Great Eastern Bridge

Rim Road (off East Mountain Road)

East Mountain Road - looking downhill from under the Great Eastern Bridge

East Mountain Road looking uphill toward Great Eastern Bridge.

The road gave out aftere this point. There was no access to Bear Mountain, Sunrise or to Route 4 via this route. As of Monday afternoon all the debris was cleared from East Mountain and the road was deemed "passable" although extremely sketchy and undermined.

We still have no roads out of town.

.May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington, VT

Tropical Storm Irene: The Water

Woke up this morning, threw on my Arcteryx rain gear over my pajamas, and headed out into the pouring rain to see what I could find. And wow, did I find awesome!! Note: some of these photos aren't very good quality, but they show some crazy water :)

Falls Brook was awesome!! There was a lot of woohoo-ing from me just listening to how loud the brook was, how much water was moving, etc. It's going to be pretty scary when all this mountain runoff gets to the valley!

Just a generally neat photo, I thought.

My first stop was the Growler Runoff, where the corporation has done some reconstructing for silt control. There was a nice gentleman, with shovel in hand, checking out all the drainage while I was there. He seemed pretty enthusiastic about how everything was working and was off to check out Pico this afternoon.

A little damage on Falls Brook Trail...

And a peaceful moment amidst a day of chaos :)

Then it was off to the Waterwheel for some gas, talk politics with Charlie and che…

A Morning Mosey

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)
Location:Lower Snowdon & RamsHead, Killington, VT

Puppies to Pico

In February, Vespi's fiance moved away to Philadelphia because his mom was going to New Zealand for a few months. And yes, I say fiance because one day he gave her a rock. I mean, he literally found a rock and while she was lounging in the back of the car with the hatch open, he presented it to her and she has kept it ever since. It was sooo cute.

Anyway, Vespi super misses wrestling with Sully and running around on puppy hikes, so when we found out he was in town for a while...well, today my ski sister Jill, who is loving Sully for a few weeks, thought a romantic hike to the waterfall at Pico would be perfect. Well, that was not the initial plan, but it ended up pretty much that way. Vespi was freaking out from the car as soon as she saw Sully in the parking's Sully! It's Sully! and the running & wrestling began :)

And of course, since we met up before work, the grass was still covered with dew. Which meant, of course, super wet - yet, super happy - dogs…

BIBBITY BOBBITY BOO!! or How to Raise A Ski Bum

Did you ever put your kids between your legs and enthusiastically sing "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" while you skied the bumpies?

Did you ever shoot your kids (or you daughter's ski group) with a bow and arrow made of ski poles?

Did you ever get lost in Echo Woods, time and time again, following your five year old through trees shorter than her?

Did you ever make sure that all your work was done by 3:00pm on every Friday in the winter so you could pick up your kids at school and drive four hours to Vermont?

Did you ever stay up until 2 in the morning - every weekend - tuning your daughter's skis for the next days race?

Did you ever spend two years collecting every ski drill and exercise ever created and put them together in a book just so you could be a better skier, coach and on-snow father?

Did you ever spend a weekend (including 8 hours of driving) with a bunch of giggling ninth grade girls because your daughter wanted a ski weekend with her friends?

Did you ever accident…