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Disc Golf, Anyone?

Vespi has been in need of a stroll, so before work this morning we checked out the Base Camp Outfitters Disc Golf course...

The Echo of Weedwackers

As I ran through the morning mist, the echo of powertools filtered through the trees...the weedwacking has begun!!

GUEST BLOG: Two Former Ski Patrollers Hike Killington

A couple of my buddies who used to work as Killington Ski Patrolers met up for a meanderous hike up to the Peak. One of the patrollers, raised in Bridgewater, had never actually hiked Killington in the summer before.

Autumn Afternoons are for Climbing

Taking advantage of the perfect fall weather means date afternoon at the local crag with the BF.

Sunset Hike with the Ladies

Met up with some of my local ski sisters this evening to watch the sunset from atop Skye Peak...

G.E.D. The Game has Changed.

I have been trying to get down to SkyeShip Base for a few weeks now, but have been putting off the inevitable. Below midstation, there are no bike trails, only wide open ski trails exposed to the beating sun.

Up RamsHead with the Sun

Literally. Vespi and I pulled into the K1 Parking lot at 6:30 this morning, ten minutes before sunrise. As the sun rose in the sky, we rose in elevation.

Umbagog Day 3: Paddling Home

For the final day, the sun came beating down on us.

So...this is what Killington looks like at 7am

As I transition from one lifestyle to another, I find that the only way to breathe the fresh air is to be up and out the door by seven o'clock in the morning.

Umbagog Day 2: From New Hampshire to Maine

It's a beautiful day to wake up on the lake shore :) On the shores of Umbagog Lake in Maine, the colors are starting to make their way into the forefront...
...and the hot toddies are saving the day!!

Umbagog Day 1: Magalloway River to Umbagog Lake

We were all set for our canoe camping expedition up to the Maine-New Hampshire border. Three days, two nights and approximately 20 miles of paddling. Included amongst our belongings a bottle of Sailor Jerry, Maker's Mark, Yellow Tail Shiraz, just a few beers...oh yeah, and all the leftovers from two separate catereing gigs. May the paddling being!

Off to the Umbagog Wilderness

It's canoe camping season!!

Dude, Where's My Chapstick?


Good Morning Autumn!!

Woke up this morning - and it was fall!! The air was clear, the wind was brisk...and I was really glad to have opted for a long sleeve base layer this morning :) holy crap, was it a beautiful morning!!

Just A Ski Bum: Peace of Movement

I have been and always shall be a ski bum. While throughout my life, the journey has varied greatly, the message has always been the same: there is no peace, no salvation, without the feelng of floating across the surface of the earth. This may appear in different forms, in varying forms and seasons or sometimes not even seem like movement at all. I am kenetic. There must be movement, a graceful and rhythmic movement to the story of my life.

So Was it a Mud Slide or What?

Since Irene hit Killington more than two weeks ago, avid skiers and riders in town have been looking up at Double Dipper...and wondering...What the hell happened up there?

9/11 Should We Always Remember?

Ten years ago, my little sister lived on Waterstreet in lower Manhattan. She was an undergraduate student at New York University. Instead of running away, she ran toward Battery Park to find her friend.

She ran toward the towers.

Killington Peninsula: Turning PINK for Foliage?

NOTICE: Killington Resort is CLOSED to the public - and for good reason. Please DO NOT go meandering up on the mountain. Give us the time to clean up after Irene and get ready to welcome you for foliage!!

Killington's Island Day 11: I Need A Snow Day!!

If this was winter, Vespi and I would have skinned out into the snowy winter woods and found peace in the powder. Since it's raining on the island, these photos and quotes will have to do as we dream of that first magical snowfall.

Killington's Island Day 10: Back on the Mountain!!

CAUTION: Killington Resort is CLOSED to the public. Please DO NOT venture up onto to the mountain. There are exposed wires, hanging tree limbs and numerous places where you can just disappear. It is extremely dangerous and we do not have the time or resources to go rescuing idiots off of the mountain. We have enough to do to get ready for ski season as it is.

With that said, come join me as I returned to explore the mountain today. It was heartwarming, it was was different.

Killington's Island Day 9: Quotes from the Island

"I've never been afraid of rain before."

"Are the cones gettting further toward the middle of the road?"

"Stay in the middle of the road."

"Welcome to the Island. The Ferry runs twice a day."

"Where's Bernie?"

"I could really use some fried chicken!"

"Do we have to be there at 6:00am? What if we're late? Maybe we could go in the middle of the day or..."

"Did you see Jim Cantore cry about the damage in Vermont on the Weather Channel?!"

"So do you think there are any new tree trails or chutes on the mountain?"

"I am Vermont Strong!"

"I can't believe Biggie's house made it!"

"Can I get another Long Trail please?"

"East Mountain Road is still closed, right? So, does that mean I can't drive down East Mountain Road?"

text FOODNOW to 52000 to donate $10 to the Vermont Foodbank

"Snap Off Dance Party! Go!"

"Don't Mess with the Beast!&…

Killington's Island Day 8: Signs of the Beast

The Beast is showing signs of renewal - literally! As anyone who comes to Killington knows, the marquees that line the Access Road don't just tell you where to find the cheapest beer. These signs mark the story of our residents and our town.

Over the past week, signs have gone from shouting "Come On, Irene" to proclaiming our great strength as Vermonters. I quick pedal around the Access Road reveals that that our community has banded together to fight the devesation that has hit us and the surrounding communitites.

These signs are also a constant reminder of what has happened. Instead of encouraging passersby to stop in for the Killington Classic this weekend, the town sign has posted where residents can find emergency information.

But the signs also show how stubborn we are. "Don't Mess with the Beast" reads the marquee at JAX, which isn't opening until 7pm. Several Killington residents have had to leave town to find temporary employment elsewhe…

Killington's Island Day 7: Storm Stories

Our job today was to visually inspect each and every home in the East Mountain Road Area for the Killington Fire Department. They wanted to know if there was anyone is residence, to check for any visible damage to the property, was the road passable and if there was electricity. I am happy to report that while almost every home was visibly alright, many of the driveways and acess roads still remain either impassable or accessible only by ATV or foot. In other words, I walked a lot today.

Spoke with one gentleman who lived at the bottom of a side road from Rim Road where practically every single culvert had blown wide open. Knowing that this gentleman had a tiny kybota, one of the road crew brought him two tanks of deisel at the beginning of the week. "Here you go," he said, " Dig yourself out.". And dig himself out he has. He has rebuilt enough road for his ATV to get out onto East Mountain Road, rerouting the river that now runs through his road. All he aske…

Killington's Island Day 6: The Return of Ethan Allen!

The mountain is flush with stories of tragedy, of heartbreak, of renewal and near missses. There are so many of us in the surrounding area, each of us with our own stories to tell, some more heart wrenching than others, yet each and every single one represents the experiences of a natural disaster. We are all Vermonters and we are all different threads of the same story woven together. These are two.

Got woken up from a deep sleep this morning so that I could escort the second round of American Red Cross workers around to assess the damages to buildings within the town limits. To my great surprise, one of the workers was from Georgia - and his name is Ethan Allen Yep, Ethan Allen. He had never been this far north before, prefers the flat farmlands of Georgia and has never seen snow. But he knew the story of one of Vermont's greatest legends by heart.

How did a Georgia boy end up know about the Green Mountain Boys and the surrender of Fort Ticonderoga? Apparently, after the…

Killington's Island Day 5: A Dog's View

I never imagined a dog would be concerned about the damage.

Today I took Vespi for a walk to see the damage for the first time as we walked down to the grocery store in hopes of finding eggs and bread.

Honestly, I figured that that she would be able to tell where the road was different from before, but right away I noticed a change in her. She seemed after moreand more information. Like all of us humans addicted to news reports and facebook updates, she was in search of as much data as she could handle. She practically dragged me down the road, needing to sniff and explore every piece of collapsed pavement and open drainage. And each time, aftere her initial inspection, she would inquisitively look back up at me. "What happened here, Ma?"

Sometimes, she smiled, thinking that this new swimming hole might be pretty neat in the future - but even on this swelteringly hot day she never laid down or lapped up the water. Even when I said she could, Vespi would just look at me. …