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Why You Should NOT Miss the #beastworldcup. Ever.

I’ve been trying to sort through all my feelings about the Killington World Cup.
The Beast World Cup.
Our World Cup.

I’ve never been one to be star struck or lose my head over a boy, but I have completely lost myself to this race.  It bothers me, actually, when I realize how connected I feel to this race.  Like a siren calling me, I just can't seem to break away from this weekend.  It's the only days of the year where I would choose not to ski and that frightens me.  What could be so important, so all encompassing that I would not ski in order to watch other ski?
The pageantry.  The energy.   The oneness.
Never have I even felt so a part of something as I do this event.  There is something about this weekend that takes over my very being and I drop skis first into a community of people LIKE ME.  
A people for whom skiing is not just a way of life, but the whole being of your life.  It’s not a team sport, where you chant in circles before a game but a sport where you are ofte…