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30 March 2011


My Birthday


Aaron's Birthday


Perfect Day in the Whites!


16 March 2011

The View from our campsite

Sunset in the Whites :)


13 March 2011

Freshies at Pico all morning...then rippin it up with the Killington Hopefuls in the Triple Park Rail Session Event and learning how to use outriggors on Bonanza!!

Reasons I am glad to be a ski bum (#s 1-10)

1. I can wear a puffy coat, ski hat and long johns to the bar and I'm the normal one.

2. Getting to sit at the bar listening to the most ridiculously lame stories of conquest and greatness on the ski hill.

3. Getting to ride the gondola and listen to the most ridiculously lame stories of conquest and greatness on the ski hill.

4. I got to ski today :) I will get to ski tomorrow. I got to ski yesterday.

5. Knowing that everyone around me, really, we all love the same thing: riding the mountain...

6. Having Tati, a ticket checker, give me a hug because she hasn't see me in a while.

7. I have the freedom to ski for two hours...or ski all day :)

8. Everyday is a new adventure, new conditions, a different mountain...and I get to experience everyday.

9. I don't have to sit in an office all day. Anyway. Ever.

10. I'm posting this from my local bar :)

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7 March 2011

What a wonderful snow day! We Got a text message from a good friend at a quarter to nine: There ate ten cars in the parking lot, no footprints and only five pairs of ski...all rentals!. So we quickly ate our breakfast from the Waterwheel and drove over the pass to the friendly mountain...and not only got fresh tracks all day but rarely saw people at all!

The tree that marks the summit of Little Pico...and the gateway to an entire trail of untracked powder all to ourselves :)

Finally, there is snow back on the might be shiny and more than a little bit heavy, but it stayed none the less...and should stay for a few months to come...

Did I mention that we had fresh tracks all day?

Heading into the woods to find the goods...

Location:Pico Mountain, Vermont

6 March 2011

Holy Moly was it just pouring rain out today. All day. With no real moments of lighter rain. Just heavy downpour all day long. The best part, though? I was DRY and WARM the entire time we were out skiing. Which means that I think I have found the best gear system that works for me :)

Baselayer: Smartwool Lightweight Long Sleeve Top & Bottom
Midlayer: Mountain Hardwear MicroFleece Top & Bottom
Insulation: Patagonia Nano Hoody
Outlayer: Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket and Theta AR Bib Pant

Let's hear it for the rainy day weather! It did make for some awesome skiing today though: a combination of hero snow and yellow hard spring surface. The best part was venturing onto what has obviously become my new favorite trail - it does have some awesome tree branches :) - and chatting it up with my dearest ski sister...only two kids showed up for Hopefuls today. Both Girls!

Location:Killington, Vermont

5 March 2011

Today, I had the wonderful pleasures of skiing with my Hopeful Ladies, a group of 5 to 9 year old girls learning about what it takes to be a female athlete :) we shared fears and pride, nervousness and laughter...all while showing all those boys (and men!) on the mountain how REAL skiers behave...

...but of course, we had to wander deep into the wilderness to find ourselves...and our ski sisters...

...and then I just carried away with the solitude of it all and got lost in the beauty of the branches...

What a glorious day to spend a rainy day, learning and laughing through the Killington Cloud :)

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Location:Killington, Vermont

3 March 2011

What a beautiful day - although we did get caught overestimating the wind chill factor. They were calling for wind chills in the negative 40s and that sooo didn't happen! Which meant that Vespi and I got to spend a wonderful day snowshoeing together! It must mean that March is finally settling in!

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Location:Killington, Vermont

2 March 2011

What a crazy day...the weather was gorgeous. So much so that it tricked everyone into going one layer shy and being just a tad bit chilly. But I had the best ride up the Skyeship, just staring out the window the entire ride watching the snow dump down on us for just about the same amount of time it took to ride the Skyeship. And then it stopped...

...but the clouds were doing some amazing moving around, making all kinds of interesting shapes in the sky during the afternoon...

...which made for a beautiful snowshoe with some girlfriends and their two dogs! Three Girls and their Dogs!

And then it was off to Sushi Yoshi for the Fourth Annual Iron Chef Competition. A former competitor and Iron Chef Champion in 2009, I was a little overexcited for my new role as Judge! Somehow a managed to mix up taste and eat, leaving myself with an explodingly large stomach by the end of the night :)

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Location:Sushi Yoshi

Mt Holly Quarry

After the eight inches of powder fell, followed by at least two inches of rain, we thought we would venture out to the Mt. Holly Quarry for the first time. So think about snowshoeing through two inches of frozen rain on top of eight inches of powder. Exhausting...