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Rain in May is the Saddest Rain of All

I sit in the darkness
on a pillow on the ground
And all I can hear is the rainiest of sounds

It's pouring off the roof,
and Puddling up in the garden
The Sky it is glowing
...and perhaps, so we hope, by at least Monday it will be snowing

But I know,
without pictures, and images and statuses
That the horriblest of horribles
is outside right now happening.

We are so close to June,
I've got the bugbites to prove it
Somehow I thought it could last forever
And that we would never lose it.

But even in the dark,
I know what is happening
The runoffs are full,
and the water is moving

And the sound of the rain,
that in the heat of July I will cheer for
mirrors the ache in my heart
and my dreams that are drowning

For the time is upon us,
the end it is near
winter cannot stay forever,
i know, i know

but we were gonna be open in June this year!!

I feel like the Yanks in 1994,
As the SOX stole the fall classic
All I can do is close my eyes
and hang my head in the dugout

I don't stand a chance
the snow is leaving so fas…

A Trip to Tuckerman Ravine: One Ski Dog's Story

Humans are sooooo slow.
I have already taken my after breakfast nap,
and they are still getting their boots on,
and organzing all the extra stuff they have to bring.
Humans always need so much stuff.

Wait, there's my leash...
it's time to go puppy skiing!!
Oh right, I remember this place.
We won't be skiing for a while.
But it's okay, there are so many different sniffs on this trail.
I can't decide what's more interesting,
all the different people or...

oh great,
a golden retiever puppy is coming up behind us.
please don't jump on me.

We don't have to hike with them,
right, mom?
Cause you love me more, right?
pet ME!!
Another pit stop while they change from skins into crampons,
I will have to remember to keep my paws away from them.
As I sniff around, I remember...
this is the mountaineering trail to the top,
where the super sweet sniffies are.
I remember last time we were here there was a sweet spot to howl from,
I hope that is where we are going this ti…