Off to the Umbagog Wilderness

It's canoe camping season!!

We are heading out today for the Lake Umbagog Wilderness on the border of northern New Hampshire and Maine. Travel Day today and then on the water sometime tomorrow :) This is a new trip for us; I am so excited to see this section of the world. According to the boyfriend, fly fishing originated in this area and is still the only type of fishing permitted on the lake. I have packed my yoga mat and journal.

I have left the details of this trip up to the BF and a good friend from his ski patrol days. Is a big stretch for me - trusting the planning to others and just going along for the paddle - but I am super psyched to see what the two of them have planned :) Assuming I will be paddling around in one canoe with another ski patrol buddy while the boys fish for hours on end. Maybe some fresh trout or even land-locked salmon for dinner??

The best part? It should frost every night while we are there!!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

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