GUEST BLOG: Two Former Ski Patrollers Hike Killington

A couple of my buddies who used to work as Killington Ski Patrolers met up for a meanderous hike up to the Peak. One of the patrollers, raised in Bridgewater, had never actually hiked Killington in the summer before.

It was his first time being exposed to the hiking and mountain biking trail systems, opening up a brand new way of navigating the mountain. He discovered so many different ways to connect the areas within the mountain, like a whole nother layer of trails that you are not exposed to in the winter.

For example, while they were on Skye Peak, It was confusing trying to figure out both the new winter trails and the existing summer trails. The Bridgwater Boy hasn't really been here since the New Skye Peak Quad went in, so he is still relearning a trail system that has been so familiar to him. He has been off learning about windmills in Oregon.

Two former patrollers hiking the mountain...what do you think they noticed? All the new trail reroutes based on safety improvements. Like how they are are improving the traffic flow to the cluster**** that is Killink Corner. It's notorious for people just blasting through to maintain their speed while scaring the shit out of nervous beginners just struggling around the bank. (I hadn't noticed, so I am going to have to go and check it out :)

Amidst all the beauty, it was emotionally difficult hiking up Killington. Driving Route 4 from his parents' home in Bridgewater, he had to pass all the damage from the Tropical Storm. While his parents' home is fine, it is just hard to come home for a vacation and find that the area in which you live is now a disaster. You feel somewhat guilty that you're not around anymore to do anything or help out.

The Bridgewater Boy is looking forward to coming home again over Christmas to see his beautiful state of Vermont and enjoy the wonders of a Killington winter on skis.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington Peak, VT