Umbagog Day 3: Paddling Home

For the final day, the sun came beating down on us.

I had packed for fall weather, so my creative summer top consisted of my wool cami with the straps being held together by a carabiner. Don't want to end the season with tan lines! LOL

Anyways, my morning started out with a restful yoga session. Well, I tried for a restful session, but there was no real area on the shore flat enough to get a downward dog or warrior in. But looking out across the water was just...ohm...

So at our campsite on the Maine shore on Umbagog Lake...there was a smurf village! Someone obviously had a lot of time on their hands and built little houses on the bases of all the tree trunks. This one even had a little Smurf in it!!

it was like paddling across the sky :)

A glimpse at the underwater rocks lining the shore.

Way easier than carrying around gallons and gallons of water...I am filtering the water and my buddy is using the steripen to kill the rest of the germs. Although really, when you make tea out of the water and mix it with lemons and maker's, do you really need to filter the water?

Exactly opposite from yesterday's whitecaps and drizzle!!

Last lunch of the catering exteavaganza? Mid lake feast of rice cakes with peanut butter, banana and kiwis. Fresh fruit after three days in the woods? Woooonderful!

To end the trip, we paddled back across to the New Hampshire side and down the Androscoggin River. I was amazed that no one ended up with a rediculous sunburn.

oh, I almost forgot - we docked at the end of our trip at a motor boat dock. Hours earlier, I had spilled some puppy food on the bottom of the canoe. Remembering this, while I was unloading the boat, Vespi decided she would try to get the food from the dock. After two paws on the canoe and two paws on the dock, she promptly fell right into the water. Unfortuneately for her, I had tied her to the bow. As I ran over to the dock, I had to pick Vespi up from where she was swimming inbwtween the boat and the dock, where she was swimming with all her might - and not going anywhere! A swimming treadmill for dogs!

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May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Umbagog Lake, New Hampshire and Maine