Good Morning Autumn!!

Woke up this morning - and it was fall!! The air was clear, the wind was brisk...and I was really glad to have opted for a long sleeve base layer this morning :) holy crap, was it a beautiful morning!!

With the dew still on the ground, Vespi and I headed out for a quick trip up to Snowshed before work. I had my little five fingers on this morning - and my toes were so chilly!

In fact, my whole self was chilly! I found myself wishing that I had worn my glove liners...even after a hot shower, my dexterity is slow to come back.

After yesterday's blogpost, I was in search of the float today, light as a feather was the goal.

Having cold legs definately made it easier - cold air is lighter, more spacious, easier in which to move - but all the cookie dough and batter I have eaten since Tropical Storm Irene did a lot to counter that feeling of weightlessness. oh well.

Oh, cold air, how I have missed you!! Especially that burning feeling when the coldness gets deep into your lungs. That winter runner's cough should be coming on strong soon!

Almost too excited to run, it felt like I was sprinting this morning. Everywhere I looked the morning sun was breaking through the leaves as they begin to turn their bright colors. I wanted to gwther as much autumn glory as I could before my feet went numb.

Oh yeah, and the bears must be on the move, because Vespi smells like shit. Again.

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

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