Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Umbagog Day 2: From New Hampshire to Maine

It's a beautiful day to wake up on the lake shore :) On the shores of Umbagog Lake in Maine, the colors are starting to make their way into the forefront...
...and the hot toddies are saving the day!!

Ugh, the morning start out not particularly enthusiasticly, as the rain had settled in over night. Thankfully, the only thing drenched was the slackline and the tent flys.

Miraculously though, the rain cleared up right about the time we ventured out of our tents...just in time to see the early morning fog rising over the mountain scape. Okay, late morning fog. We are on vacation, you know!

Classic BF Breakfast (Eggs, Bacon and leftover cheeses all on a bagel) preceeded our paddle through the baby white caps of Umbagog Lake. We paddled all the way from New Hampshire to Maine, where we set up camp & got out the two coolers full of food.

Lunchtime was yet another fantastic feast - Eggplant Tapenade with brie, chevre, salami, turkey, homemade hummus & sliced tomatoes on fresh bagette all grilled over the campfire. And maybe even a little Humboldt Fog. Oh Hell Yeah.

After we set up the campsite on the Maine shore of Umbagog Lake, we filled up mugs with hot toddies, ditched the boys and headed down to the Rapid River. They took their own boat and headed straight down to the Fly Fishing only section, while us girls explored the various nooks and cranies in the beauty of the nautical twilight.

We met up with the boys at the rapids and slowly made our way home through the dark so we could get back to camp and have more food!! Dinner: fingerling potatoes roasted in duck fat and sea salt, pesto pasta, teriyaki chicken, smoked salmon, fresh tomato, more artisan cheeses and...more hot toddies :)

Once again, another beautiful day spent in the beauty of nature.

Check out the photos from Day 3: Paddling Home, where the sun comes out!

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May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Umbagog Lake, New Hampshire & Maine

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