Friday, September 30, 2011

Disc Golf, Anyone?

Vespi has been in need of a stroll, so before work this morning we checked out the Base Camp Outfitters Disc Golf course...

The course uses the Mountain Meadows Cross-Country Ski and SnowShoe Center trail system, which is a pretty neat double use - although you can play disc golf all winter long!

Given the bucketing rain all day yesterday, the course was pretty soggy...especially the VERY WET MUDDY AREA, which one should enter only at their own risk.

What does that mean, you wondeer? Well, they must be serious because the sign specifies:

Freakily, this is a true story! Apparently some college kids lost their shoes in the mud a few years ago - and they still haven't found them! Thankfully, Vespi decided not to try and test out the verity of the warning :) I, however, did manage to lose a flip flop!

She did, however, find plenty of other wonderful smells along the way. With so many different people coming through the disc golf course, it must have been very exciting!

There were also tributes to the winter users - the cross-couny skiers - whoze trails are marked withh colored signs. We were not really following any signs, just kind of meandering around, almost trying to get lost.

But at the same time knowing that eventually we would arrive at Kent Pond, one of my favorite places to go canoeing in town. It was here that I heard this loud suction cup squishy sound...Vespi had stuck her face deep into the mud amidst the field and come out with an entirely black snout! Super duper gross!

By this time, we had managed to hook up with the Appalachian Trail, which crosses Mountain Meadows right in front of the dock.

For those hikers needing supplies, Base Camp Outfitters has signage directing up to the shop for supplies. Perfect! Vespi and I would follow the signs back to the parking lot! What a great place to get lost in :)

I cannot wait until this winter, when I will get to try out my cross-country ski technique - or even my snowshoeing - when I take my lunch break at work. I told Vespi she would love this job!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Base Camp Outfitters, Killington, VT

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