Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Killington's Island Day 10: Back on the Mountain!!

CAUTION: Killington Resort is CLOSED to the public. Please DO NOT venture up onto to the mountain. There are exposed wires, hanging tree limbs and numerous places where you can just disappear. It is extremely dangerous and we do not have the time or resources to go rescuing idiots off of the mountain. We have enough to do to get ready for ski season as it is.

With that said, come join me as I returned to explore the mountain today. It was heartwarming, it was heartbreaking...it was different.

my five fingers have been sitting idle all week, waiting for word that I could go back onto my moutain. I have been itching to get out there and check things out, but I also had no interest in getting in the way of our hard working mountain operations crew as they desperately try to put things back together.

It was definately different. The ground under was feet did not feel like it had before. There were so many more exposed rocks, warbles in the trail, so much muddiness where there had never been these things before. Head room is also scarce as trees have fallen only partially, causing you to duck under. The trails are literally littered with debris, so much so that finding good foot placement actually became quite a problem and I seriously thought having a hard hat might be a really good idea.

On top of that, there were just holes randomly in places where the ground began to level out - some were similar to those we have seen on the major roads. Others were hidden by branches and flattened grass, just waiting to trip you up.

The main ski trails seem to be primarily untouched, while it was more the crossover trails that seemed to take the brunt of the water, filling up and then spilling over to the next level. Amazing what was left untouched by Mother Nature's wrath...

And I was serious about the exposed wires. They are everywhere. In order for all the lifts and snowmaking to work, an entire underlevel of pipes, culverts and wires run alongside trails and under work roads. Kind of like the ground floor at DisneyWorld. You don't see them, but they make everything work.

Amidst all the damage and reconstruction, there still survives the developing beauty that will be fall foliage in Vermont :)

It almost looks like they were digging out this pipe on purpose :(

But the woods - the woods are a literal debris zone. By the end of my run, I was so frustrated, having tripped over a branch just about every other step and even getting caught under a falling tree. Amazing how there are no branches down from wind anyplace else - just on the mountain...

But even amidst the heavy water, there are still small moments of grace and beauty as the mountain slowly makes it transition into fall - and then WINTER! :) I am so glad to finally be home!!

Thank you so much to the Mountain Operations Crew at Killington Resort - and Good Luck!!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

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Location:Killington, VT

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