Umbagog Day 1: Magalloway River to Umbagog Lake

We were all set for our canoe camping expedition up to the Maine-New Hampshire border. Three days, two nights and approximately 20 miles of paddling. Included amongst our belongings a bottle of Sailor Jerry, Maker's Mark, Yellow Tail Shiraz, just a few beers...oh yeah, and all the leftovers from two separate catereing gigs. May the paddling being!

We spent the first night at a friend's family camp on Lake Webb in Weld. I love staying there because they have two birch trees growing through the waterside deck which makes the perfect place for a foggy morning in Maine :)

But it was off to the boat launch from the Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge via the Magalloway River. This is advertised as being almost guaranteed to see a Moose. We did not see one damn Moose.

We did see some trees appearing to pop out of the woods due to their sharp autumn coloring.

When we got to camp, the slack line immediately went up :)

A little evening bathtime...

...followed by hours and hours of hot toddies :)

With a group of four, Vespi was kept very busy at night performing her one and only job for the trip: pre-wash.

And a few final hours by the campfire before bed...

And tomorrow, we are paddling across Umbagog Lake to our next campsite on the Maine shoreline...check it out Umbagog Day 2: From New Hampshire to Maine

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Umbagog Lake, New Hampshire & Maine