G.E.D. The Game has Changed.

I have been trying to get down to SkyeShip Base for a few weeks now, but have been putting off the inevitable. Below midstation, there are no bike trails, only wide open ski trails exposed to the beating sun.

Today, I quit stalling. The sky was perfectly blue, temps in the 80s and it seemed like a wonderful day for a hike. I was miserable.

I had forgotten than it was difficult to take photos with the sun shining on everything like a wilderness glitter attack. And I had also forgotten that It was stupid hot, the grass would be dry and crispy, stabbing me in the legs when I went bushwacking and It was hot, too.

Enough bitching. The things I saw were kick ass, even if only a few photos were good.

There are quite a few new chutes to play on :) I am thinking about how you can drop off Great Eastern into a big pile of fluff. BUT, I also noticed that the snowmaking pipes were now at a height wheree you either need about eight feet of snow to build up - or telemark skis. Hmmm....

I also found...a waterfall!! No seriously a brand new, super huge waterfall with all kinds of beautiful exposed rock and wonderful trickles. Of course, those are the pics that didn't come out :) Guess y'all have to wait and see the falls yourselves. Guess we know where all the silt in the Skyeship parking lot came from.

But then there was some funny stuff - like a two foot drop and a sick ass little pool right below one of the Troll Tunnels. Sounds like Hopeful Cliff jumping to me...

Cause you're gonna have to jump. So many of the whoop dee doos and the side of the trail are now...a little steeper. LOL. It will be so interesting to see how the snow fills in this winter. :)

Even though the hiking SUCKED today, I am now getting so super psyched for this winter. There are going to be so many new and wonderful things to ski, so many new nooks and crannies. While I am sure we will be saying goodbye to a few favorites (lower Home Stretch was, well, not really connected to the mountain anymore), they are going to be so many new places to play!!

Although please, please, please, remember - when you start exploring the woods this year, keep in mind that the mountain is different. She has changed. Exposed rocks, ground collapses, tree falls - the Beast is a Whole New Animal. Some might even say ... Beastier?

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Great Eastern, Killington, VT