Sunday, March 11, 2012

Powder Makes Ski Buddies for Life

As time passed at during my bar shift at the Birch Ridge Inn, we noticed something wonderful happening outside the big picture window in the Great Room:
It was snowing!!

And not just any snow...
big white fluffy flakes that were glistening under the light of the parking lot lanterns.
(it's kinda tricky to take pictures and pour drinks at the same time, sorry)

We almost went out for a night tour,
but this week my bed has been
singing way too sweet song
to pass up the temptation.

Not that I could sleep anyway.
I dreamed of floating on powder.

Man, I love that dream :)

I was worried that we were going to have to
mini Cooper
out of his crate in the morning.

But he came bounding into the Ski Room with big eyes ready to go

How does a five month old puppy already know how awesome it is?
Oh yeah, he was in fluffy powder over his head last Saturday
(see here)

Well, this puppy is gonna have a
rude awakening
when he comes to the heartbreaking realization that
not every day
on the East Coast
is a powder day.

Well, today was not the day he was going to learn that lesson.

Hey - three inches of Powder is still

There is one thing for which I will always be envious of dogs.
It's the same reason that alpine skiers get jealous of telemarkers.
And we are all jealous of kids.

Faceshots require less snow.


Where you have to jump up and over the powder to make it through.

Where you have to run through the skied track just to take a breathe of fresh air.

Where you get faceshots - even when you follow the big dog.

Where you don't know the difference the West Coast or the East Coast
(and you wouldn't care even if you did)

Where you get to slam your buddy into belly deep snow with just a slight hip check and a deep throaty growl

Where treats magically appear from a backpack when you get to the top of the mountain

Where you get to spend the morning skiing with your bestest buddy in the whole wide world

Where Skiing is simply...


May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum, Vespoli & Cooper


  1. Replies
    1. Most Definately! Hopefully it won't go to his head :) But he cuddles right up to you at the bottom. He is a great hugger LOL