Sunset Rappel at Deer Leap

We skied all day
so to change things up a bit,
we grabbed
our climbing rope and harnesses
and headed up Deer Leap
for a little rappel in the sunset.

Half way down the rock
I realized that
my camera

Thank goodness life isn't just about the goal
but the adventure getting there as well

The hiking surface alternated between

Try telling those three apart while hiking down via headlamp.
It's pretty funny
when you go to step on a rock and
it crumbles beneath your foot.

Whether the pictures came out or not,
I know that the sunset was gorgeous

And Vespi had plenty of boulders to climb
and snow to roll in

And I, I got to
scare the crap out of myself
by walking backwards
over a cliff

and then
hang there
on the side of the cliff
taking photos.

One day,
I will trust the system
and climbing will be

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum & Vespi